This Cowboys evaluation of Ezekiel Elliott will blow away fans

Apr 29, 2016; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys number one draft pick Ezekiel Elliott holds his jersey in the locker room at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 29, 2016; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys number one draft pick Ezekiel Elliott holds his jersey in the locker room at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

After hearing this evaluation of running back Ezekiel Elliott’s talents, it’s no wonder the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t pass him up in the draft.

A week after the Dallas Cowboys selected Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, many fans are still riding the high of Dallas landing the favored prospect to win Offensive Rookie of the Year award. For others, the reality of the situation is starting to slowly sink in.

Cowboys fans who wanted their team to address the defensive side of the ball early in the draft are now coming to terms with Elliott becoming a staple in Dallas’ offensive backfield for the foreseeable future. And fans of the Cowboys NFC East foes are preparing themselves for the offensive onslaught that is heading their way. Winter is coming.

For Cowboy fans that might have gotten a sour taste in their mouths when they learned Dallas selected a running back fourth overall, we offer the following evaluation to help ease their pain.

"“There was a person on [the Cowboys] coaching staff that said that when they went to work out Ezekiel Elliott, that working him out catching passes was as good as any receiver they worked out in this entire draft period,” said Derek Eagleton, the Senior Director of Media & Programming for the Dallas Cowboys during an episode of the Cowboys Break on the team’s official website last week. “They said his ability to run routes and his hands were as good as anybody they worked out in this draft season. And that tells you a lot. If you talk about how good he is as a running back, which we all know, then you combine that and you look at the film and watch how he picked up blitzes, that tells you he is a special running back.”"

Based on this evaluation, not only did the Cowboys land the top running back in this year’s draft class, but they also potentially got the top wide receiver as well. And the fact Elliott may be an even better pass blocker is mind blowing.

After hearing that evaluation, all the statements we’ve been hearing for months start to make sense. For instance, Elliott’s former head coach from Ohio State, Urban Meyer, called him the best player he’d ever coached without the ball in his hands.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus and called Zeke the best, most complete running back prospect since Adrian Peterson. Monson also believes Elliott doesn’t have a single weakness in his game.

I know what you are saying. This has got to be too good to be true. And it probably is. Next thing you know, Zeke will be walking on water and changing said water into wine.

As fans of a franchise that has only made the playoffs five times in the last fifteen years, we’ve earned the right to be cynical. And the fact we believe our team should win the Super Bowl every season only compounds that cynicism.

But for those struggling with the selection of Elliott, the fact that so many are identifying him as a very special player, especially behind the Cowboys offensive line, this revelation about his capabilities as a receiver as well should at least lend some credence as to why the organization felt they absolutely had to make this pick.

Regardless, if Elliott can live up to even a portion of the hype, this should be a very exciting season for Cowboys fans…at least on one side of the ball.

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