Are the Cowboys doomed to repeat past mistakes?


The Dallas Cowboys finally released quarterback Brandon Weeden because he went 0 – 3 as our starter this season. I would take it an extra step and release Matt Cassel who went 0 – 4. Cassel will be a free agent at the end of this season. Stop the bleeding, sign Kellen Moore to a long term deal and make him number two on the depth chart.

When a veteran throws an interception or makes a poor play, it’s amplified because he should know better. Youth gets forgiven. Youth doesn’t make mistakes because they’re called teachable moments and growing pains. Cowboy Nation would also be buzzing with optimism about Moore. As long as Moore showed improvement each week, mistakes at the quarterback position would’ve been forgiven.

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We’ve spent seven weeks witnessing how much our wide receivers need efficient quarterback performances. During Dez Bryant‘s contract negotiations, I questioned if Bryant could justify a large salary cap number without Romo’s arm. Had Moore and Bryant played together, We could’ve glimpsed the future and eliminated any talk of drafting a quarterback.

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin credits head coach Jason Garrett for spending hours throwing him the football outside of practice when Garrett was a backup quarterback. It’s also how Tony Romo became comfortable throwing the football to Cole Beasley. I wonder if Bryant and Moore have been working together to develop any chemistry.

As a fanbase, we like to see that the future is bright. Owner Jerry Jones knows that the promise of a positive tomorrow keeps “butts in the seats”. Seeing Joseph Randle make plays against the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins made the fanbase feel comfortable when DeMarco Murray wasn’t resigned. Everyone knows Cassel isn’t the long or short term answer. I just don’t want us to be in this situation next year.

Garrett actually mentioned that they could coach better. There’s a lot of blame to go around during a seven game losing streak. I stated that Garrett needs to start calling plays. If this was a contract year, there’s no way he would allow his “genius offensive system” to have games without scoring a touchdown. Garrett, in my opinion, has always lacked the killer instinct.

With the multiple, late roster moves at running back, it makes you wonder how many mistakes the front office and coaching staff have made. The evaluation of Brandon Weeden at the quarterback position. The release of Corey White while Morris Claiborne is injured. Did any tell safety J.J. Wilcox to watch out for the bootleg?

If you can forgive Bryant for his drops and not fighting for the football on the last offensive play, then you can forgive safety Jeff Heath. He stood by his locker and accepted blame for his penalty at the end of the game. In my opinion, there wasn’t anything controversial about it. He grabbed the receiver on the crossing route. Heath might have gotten away with it, but he was slung off the receiver and did more spins than the great ballerina Misty Copeland.

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The scouting report on Heath hasn’t changed since he was torched by the Philadelphia Eagles a few years ago. Heath is a solid run tackler. In coverage, he can’t find the ball in the air. I’m not picking on Heath. Cowboy Nation will always compare Heath and Wilcox to Tyrann Mathieu and wonder what might have been.

If Romo can’t single-handedly carry this team to the mountaintop, all of us will look back at this season and wonder what might have been if he’d been healthy. Instead, it could have been a good time to see what the future holds.


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