Dallas Cowboys: This player is the key to victory over the Eagles


The Dallas Cowboys have a chance to improve to 2-0 and go undefeated in the NFC East division with a win over their division rival foes, the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

The schedule makers certainly did not do America’s Team any favors by scheduling back to back division games and it will be even tougher with the loss of their best wide receiver Dez Bryant. The loss of rookie defensive end Randy Gregory could possibly be as significant as Bryant’s because he was arguably the defense is best pass rusher in week one.

So how are the Cowboys to overcome such huge losses and still expect to walk away from Lincoln Field with a win and remain undefeated?

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First of all, there is no one player who can step in and replace Bryant’s production on the field as a receiver or even as a motivator. Bryant has the type of personality that is somewhat electric and his teammates feed off his passion and that helps provide a spark for not only the offense, but the entire team. How offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and quarterback Tony Romo go about game planning without the use of Bryant’s talents will go a long way in determining the outcome of this game.

We discovered in week one against the New York Giants that Linehan and Romo can get creative within the offensive scheme and distribute the ball in a number of different ways to create mismatches and keep the defense on their heels.

Running back Lance Dunbar in particular has become an offensive weapon almost overnight and should continue to help offense against the Eagles on Sunday. The Eagles defense however should be used to accounting for shifty receiving type running backs since they have to practice against Darren Sproles and should have a plan in place to limit Dunbar’s productivity.

Having said all this brings me to what I believe will be the key to victory for the Cowboys and that player stands at just 5’8″ and weighs a measly 180 pounds.

#11 Cole Beasley may be small in stature, but I think his play on the field Sunday against the Eagles will make him seem like he is 10 foot tall and untouchable.

What makes Beasley such a dangerous wide receiver is the quickness that he possesses one making his brakes at full speed both in and out of his rounds. This makes him extremely difficult to cover and keep giving opposing cornerbacks fits not only against the Eagles, but the rest of the league as well.

The Eagles secondary was overhauled in the off-season and there’s not a single cornerback on the roster that can hope to match Beasley’s quickness and I believe that is a mismatch that Romo will take full advantage of.

Of coarse, Beasley has to doing much better job of focusing on ball security and I’m sure he would be the first person to tell you how disappointed he was with himself when he fumble last week.

Last season in 2014, Beasley totaled 37 receptions for 420 yards and four touchdowns. Those totals could possibly look menial compared to the statistics I think he could put up the season, especially while Dez Bryant sits out.

Owner/general manager Jerry Jones thought so much of Beasley that he decided to reward him with a new four-year contract worth $7 million guaranteed with a chance to make up to $15.1 million total.

Beasley has the trust of the coaches and more importantly the trust of his quarterback to be able to be ready when his number is called and seize each and every opportunity when the ball is in his hands.

Being a former quarterback himself, Beasley is able to break down the opposing defense the way a quarterback would and find the open areas which makes him a valuable asset because he sees things the same way Romo does.

I personally believe that Beasley will not only have a huge game against the Eagles, but that he will be a key to the Cowboys sitting alone at the top of the NFC East division when the final second clicks away on the clock Sunday at Lincoln Field.

Let me hear what you think will be the key to victory for the Cowboys in Week Two against the Philadelphia Eagles in the comments section below.

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