Dallas Cowboys: Great Fantasy Football team names for Cowboys fans


Now that Dallas Cowboys training camp is underway, so begins the sign ups for many fantasy football leagues. And one of the great things fantasy lovers get to do is choose a clever team name that also represents their beloved franchise, America’s Team

Below, you’ll find some of the most unique and creative Dallas Cowboy-related fantasy team names from around the web. I’ve also included a few of my own that I’ve collected throughout the years and some from our readers. There not all winners, but maybe they can inspire you to create a great fantasy team name of your very own. And if you have any more to add to this list, please place them in the comment section of this article. That way, Cowboy Nation can have plenty of fantasy football team names to choose from this upcoming season. Enjoy!

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A Cup of Joe (Randle)
A Lump of Cole Beasley
America’s Fantasy Team
And so it was Witten
Bend it like Bailey
Better than I Dez-erve
Can I get a Witteness?
Can’t Handle Randle
Chunks of Cole Beasley
Crest Pro Wittening
Cowboy Up
DeMarco Who?
Dez Dispenser
Dez for Prez
Dezpicable Me
Dez’d and Confused
Dezn’t Ring a Bell
Dezzy Does Dallas
Dezmanian Devils
Dezolation Row
Dunbar with Nuts
Easy Dez It (EZ-Dez It )
Free Doug Free
Free’s Penalty Flags
Frederick’s Neck Beard
Final Dez-tination
First Year All-Pros (Zack Martin)
Get Out of my Dreams, Get into my Carr
(James) Hanna Bomb-bera
Jumpin’ like Jones (Byron Jones)
Hardy’s Boys
Hitchen’s Kitchen Nightmares
How About a Game of Pat-Mon
I Drive a Fast Carr
I Gots Mittens Like Witten
I Ride With Church on Sundays
I should’ve been a Cowboy
I Love Witten, (no Romo)
In Witten We Trust
In Bailey We Trust
It’s Always Sunny in Orlando
Garrett’s Ginger Boys
Jerry’s Glory Holes
Jerry’s Kids
Jerry’s World
J.J. Wil-Knocks You Out
Kittens Love Witten
Landry’s Hat
Lawrence’s Lawmen
Lonestar Stunners
Marinelli’s Rushmen
Mo Knows Football
Obey D-Law
One Demarcus Deserves Another
Randle’s Handles
Release the Kraken
Re-Run DMC
Rhinestone Cowboys
Romo Arigato Mr Roboto
Romo Sapiens
Romo Witten His Pants
Romosexual Tendencies
Romo’s Ex-Golf Buddies
Savage Lifers (Randy Gregory)
Smitten with Witten
Smokin’ Weeden
So let it be Witten, so let it be done
Teach Me How to Doug Free
That’s My Quarterback
The Clai-borne Identity
The Cowboy Way
The Garden of Weeden
The Great Wall
The Golden Cocks (Nick Hayden)
The Rushmen
The Walking Dez
Throwin’ Up The X
To Hot To Randle
Underwear Thieves
Wake me up, before you Romo
Weeden Start The Fire
When in Romo
Wide Open Dez-ert
Witteness Protection Program
Witten do that if I were you
Witten It Be Nice
Witten in the Stars
Witten Needs No Helmet
Witten on the Walls
Witten Up for Bad Behavior

Once again, if you have some Dallas Cowboys-related fantasy football team names to add to this list, just place them below in our comment section. Thanks!

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