Which Rabbit Will Jerry Jones Pull Out Of His Cowboy Hat Next?


Over the last six months we have slowly seen the Dallas Cowboys add good quality depth and a corral of potentially special players for the 2015 season.  This success can be attributed to the owner/general manager Jerry Jones and he ability to control opportunistic situations and bend them in his favor.

We have seen several examples of this over the 2015 offseason and below is a list of the rabbits that he has pulled out of his Cowboy hat to make this a potentially magical year.

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The first rabbit pulled out of his hat was the addition of defensive end Greg Hardy. Hardy will provide the pass rush that this team was starving for last year considering they were ranked 26th overall for passing defense.

The elite pass rusher has all the ability to get it done. And over his NFL career he has racked up 204 tackles, 34 sacks, seven forced fumbles, two safeties, and 15 passes defended.

As we wait patiently to hear about Hardy’s appeal decision regarding his 10 game suspension for “Conduct Detrimental to the League”, we can only speculate on when they are going to release the Kraken.

Regardless of when the suspension is lifted, one thing that is not discussed is the value of having a guy like Hardy for the post season.  That, to me, is where his true value comes in to play.

The second rabbit has to be the 2015 NFL draftees. Let’s talk about team needs, because that is exactly what the Cowboys addressed and in stellar fashion.

The Boys managed to pull three of the team’s top 20 ranked players going into the 2015 NFL Draft without having to trade out or trade away any draft picks.

By keeping a clear and decisive approach to the draft, and a little luck, this could pay off in huge dividends. Below are three examples of the magic that the Cowboys had during the 2015 draft process.

Byron The Senator Jones was drafted number 27 by the Boys in the first round. The ceiling is very high for Jones as he displays the tangibles and intangibles that are valued both physically and mentally in a cornerback or safety for the modern football era.

From the short period of observations in minicamp, I have heard much more positive analysis from the coaches and owner than I remember hearing about cornerback Morris Claiborne during his rookie season.

Senator Jones pulled off a magic trick of his own at the 2015 NFL combine by breaking a world record for broad jump at 12 foot three inches.

Randy Gregory was a highly touted defensive end for the upcoming draft before testing positive on a drug test at the 2015 Combine. Gregory slipped into the second round of the draft and fell into the Cowboys lap when they picked Gregory 60th overall.

Gregory recorded 17.5 sacks and 25.5 tackles for loss in just 24 games at Nebraska. He was a first-team All-Big Ten and third-team All-America player in his last season with the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

On a ESPN episode of Sports Science, which is a show that teaches a physics lesson with athletes, Gregory knocked the head off a tackling dummy that was created to measure the force of impact…this was a first on the show.

Project NFL offensive guard La’el Collins was the crowning achievement for the Cowboys 2015 offseason. Jerry Jones pulled out some good ole Louisiana Voodoo when he convinced the undrafted LSU Tiger to sign with the Boys.

Collins was ranked in the top 20 for the NFL draft and was named the SEC’s top offensive lineman and second-team All-American by The Associated Press as a senior.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic double murder of his ex-girlfriend Brittney Mills and her baby, his draft dream would not come to fruition. Although he was never listed as a suspect in the double murder, the damage was all ready done to his name and he would eventually fall out of the draft.

To Collins’ credit though, he handled the situation very well considering the circumstances which speaks highly of his character.

This brings me to my point…What is Jerry’s next move?  There is a lot of time between now and the start of the season and my gut feeling is telling me that Jerry is not done yet.

Will Jones trade a coveted O-Lineman for a running back? Is he going sign wide recevier Dez Bryant to a team-friendly contract? Will he sell the team and move it to Los Angeles? (joking)

Let me know what are your thoughts are on the next rabbit to be pulled out of Jerry’s hat?

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