Dallas Cowboys: Top Five Most Popular Landry Hat Stories Of The Week


With another week of awesome Dallas Cowboys news in the rearview mirror, we take this time to look back at our site’s most clicked on headlines. Therefore, we present, this week’s top five most popular Landry Hat stories as determined by our wonderful readers.

#5. Dallas Cowboys: 5 Reasons The Adrian Peterson Trade Rumors Won’t Die by Steven Mullenax

"“Every since an infamous phone conversation between Minnesota Vikings’ All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson and Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones last June, the rumor mill about the Texas native playing for America’s Team has been working overtime. And despite some fans hoping it would simply all go away, those rumors continue today. Regardless of need, age or salary; I suspect Peterson to the Cowboys rumors will keep being generate even if the disgruntled veteran is back in a Vikings uniform come September. But for those tired of the endless speculation, there seems to be little hope of those rumors simply dying off. And that’s mainly due to the actions (or lack thereof) of the Dallas Cowboys themselves. Here are my five reasons the Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys trade rumors refuse to die…”"

#4. Superman Wants The Dallas Cowboys To Land Adrian Peterson by Steven Mullenax

"“With it being the weekend, it’s a good time to publish some of the more lighter fare about your Dallas Cowboys from across the internet. This particular bit of news comes from TMZ Sports who caught up with former Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star and Cowboys fan, actor Dean Cain recently. When asked about the comments Dallas’ starting quarterback Tony Romo made about winning a Super Bowl this season, Cain responded: “Well, they have the greatest head coach in the game, my good friend Jason Garrett. (laughs) Okay, so I’m personally involved. Jason’s a great coach. They spent a lot of time building their offensive line. They’ve got a great offensive line. Their defense has been a little porous, but they did much better last year…”"

#3. Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dustin Vaughan Needs To Make A Jump by Michael Vu

"“As much fun as it is being a Dallas Cowboys fan lately, the team’s focus on now shouldn’t make them deaf about the future, especially at the quarterback position. There is no war around the QB one depth chart, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be fireworks at the number two spot. In fact, as of now, there needs to be some more explosion there if you ask me. The Cowboys made a big mistake by not bridging Troy Aikman with a successor. The team was in limbo, traveling with a circus set of quarterbacks. Only doom was left at the end of the long ride. Dallas hasn’t taken a quarterback in the NFL Draft since Stephen McGee in 2009. Before McGee, there was Quincy Carter in 2001. So, McGee and Carter were the only two quarterbacks selected in the last 15 drafts. The Tony Romo‘s of this world don’t grow on trees…”"

#2. Sorry, Michael Irvin: Three Reasons He’s Wrong About The Dallas Cowboys by Cody Stauffer

"“A little over ten days ago, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin caused a minor stir by picking the Philadelphia Eagles over Dallas to win the NFC East in 2015. His sole reasoning rested on the fact that Dallas lost running back DeMarco Murray to Philadelphia. This was enough for Michael Irvin to think the balance of power shifted for 2015. There is no denying that the Eagles certainly have the better singular running back now between the two teams. Murray led the NFL in rushing in 2014, after all, one of our potential starters was his backup last year. I don’t want to downplay the contributions of Murray last year in any way. He will be missed…”"

#1. Dallas Cowboys And Dez Bryant: Here’s The Hold Up by John Westenberger

"“The negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and their star wide receiver Dez Bryant have been well-played out by the media. Like seemingly everything else Bryant does, his negotiations are getting more spotlight than other receivers in similar contract circumstances. While it has been portrayed as a team versus player conflict, this is the real contract snag. Recall to last May when Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman reached an agreement with the club on a 4 year, 56 million dollar deal. The contract made him the richest player at his position, deservedly so. The only problem was that arguably the best corner in the league set the market price for other corners behind him…”"

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