What Would Adrian Peterson Bring To The Dallas Cowboys?


Rumors have been circulating since last August that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even admitted that a phone call took place between the two in June of 2014.

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Now all the stars are seeming to align; the ‘Boys current running back DeMarco Murray is set to test free agency and Adrian Peterson is saying he is ready to leave Minnesota after they didn’t support him through his league suspension for a civil case involving him disciplining his son. Peterson also recently won a suit against the league as he tried to get his suspension overturned.

Just when it all looked to be coming together, Jean-Jaques Taylor comes out and throws cold water on the idea saying there is no way AP is coming to Big D. Taylor instead thinks the Cowboys and Murray will find a way to come to an agreement on his return to Dallas.

"“Murray wants to be here, and the Cowboys keep saying they want him. Ultimately, you figure they’ll find a way to get a deal done. Unless, of course, the Cowboys insult him with an offer — always a possibility, given the way they do business these days.” – Jean-Jaques Taylor"

Let’s just pretend for a minute though that all the hype is not for nothing and Peterson does wind up in Dallas. For his career he averages 5.0 yards per carry and has 10,190 yards with 86 rushing touchdowns. The Texas native has done this while spending most of his career with a subpar cast of players around him, except for the first two years of the Brett Favre experiment at quarterback.

In 2013 Peterson had 2,097 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns, good for second all time. That season the team had Christian Ponder at quarterback and an aged Greg Jennings as the top receiver. There was no one to take pressure off AP and he still had a season no one could forget.

Now I understand he is about to turn 30 so there will be some drop off in his production. Still, if he were to come to Dallas he would run behind possibly the best offensive line in the league. He would have an MVP candidate quarterback in Tony Romo and huge weapons like receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten taking attention away from him.

Peterson is one of the most violent runners in league history and if he is running against anything other than the eight men in the box defenses he is used to, he could be a bigger force than ever before. On top of his already nasty style, he would also be ready to take his revenge out on the league for what he felt was an unfair suspension.

Granted, Adrian Peterson to Dallas would be an interesting proposition. With his age though the window to win would probably be similar to the previously mentioned Favre experience in Minnesota. As much fun as it was to watch Favre those two seasons, I think Peterson in Dallas for a year or two can be even more exciting to watch.

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