Ranking The Dallas Cowboys 2014 Games; Part Two

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Sep 28, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) runs with the ball for a second quarter touchdown against the New Orleans Saints at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I bought you the first half of my Dallas Cowboys games ranking countdown. Starting off unsurprisingly with our six losses before finishing with the emphatic victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Now onto the more exciting games of the year, the dominant wins and must win ties. Do you agree? Let me know!

8: Week 4 | New Orleans Saints 17-38 Dallas Cowboys

In years to come this is one of those games that looks far more impressive on paper than it was in real life. The Saints this year scraped to a 7-9 season record and battled desperately to avoid winning the NFC South. In 2013 the Cowboys were massacred 49-17 by the Saints. Thankfully this time around there were no signs of a repeat performance.

This game was a good reflection of our season overall. A slick performance on offense with a decent showing on defense all be it with a few panics in the final quarter! As for any Cowboys fan that cursed the departure of Rob Ryan, I think we can safely assume they felt a little bit silly after the Saints putrid display.

7: Wildcard Game | Detroit Lions 20-24 Dallas Cowboys

Is there any point discussing this game? Because nothing happened in the game bar a ‘missed call’ did it? A flag was thrown for pass interference before being picked up and the call reversed but without explanation. Everyone has their opinions on the matter. Ultimately it was the officials failure to explain their decision that caused such a furore. Try being a soccer fan- that’s a game packed full of poor refereeing decisions without the need for an explanation!

A game consists of more than one play. The Lions had the opportunity to win, and they didn’t. This will go down in history for the wrong reasons, nonetheless it was a win for the Cowboys in the playoffs. What’s not to like about that?

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6: Week 7 | New York Giants 21-31 Dallas Cowboys

Odell Beckham-Junior started as he meant to go on when it comes to facing the Cowboys. “That” catch may have come in the second meeting of the season, but in this opening game he still lit up the scoreboard with two touchdowns for the Giants. Once again though it was the Cowboys who came away triumphant.

This time out saw DeMarco Murray break a 56 year old NFL record of seven straight 100+ yard running games. Following on from victory in Seattle, it would’ve been easy for the Cowboys to rest on their laurels. They didn’t ease up though, and despite heading in at the half tied at 17-17 Murray ran in a one yard fourth quarter touchdown to get the win.

Jason Pierre-Paul had an excellent game against Tyron Smith. Smith who was carrying an ankle injury, was responsible for a sack and a hit on Romo. Tyron is arguably one of the Cowboys best players, so to win despite him having a poor game was hugely important.

The Cowboys moved onto 6-1 and the football world were stunned. Seven games in at the team had already one more than most predicted all season. This was easily a game that in years previous the Cowboys could’ve  lost, but that feeling never came this time out. After the game, Jerry boasted about the belief he had in Jason Garrett. And maybe in this instance Jerry was right and the majority wrong.

"“I don’t know that anybody has had a better, brighter vision of Jason’s future than I do. I’ve always thought he had the potential to be a serious consistent winning coach in the NFL and still think that.”"

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