NFL Executive of the Year, Jerry Jones, Deserves Some Credit Finally


An apology letter written by our own Phil Cross on Tuesday got me wondering why more people have not been quick to come out and admit they were wrong about Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

Sure, Jones has had his ups and downs in his tenure as owner, but at least he has had some ups. There are plenty of teams who would have taken the “mediocre” years this fan base endured.

I have a close friend who is a Raiders fan and he once sat back as I was being ridiculed about three straight eight win seasons. I did not even have to respond before he said, “I would kill for 8-8.” I am sure people in Jacksonville, Cleveland and by now Washington are beginning to feel that way.

I have always said that each year, 31 teams fail to meet their ultimate goal, and only the Dallas Cowboys are ridiculed when they miss out. And the one to take the biggest share of that criticism has always been Jerry Jones himself.

In 2012, former coach Jimmy Johnson called it a “crock” that Jerry insisted he was a general manager during his tenure. He points out how Jones wants everyone to know he is in charge (as I am sure all 32 owners do, and again only Jerry is ridiculed for this).

He also claims Jerry had nothing to do with the titles and it was all Jimmy. Well, let’s say Jimmy is right and he made all the personnel decisions, who put Johnson in that position if not the owner?

There is also insane articles coming out, like the insane idea that Jerry’s son, Stephen Jones, snatched a draft card from his dad’s hands.

This idea makes no sense, seeing as how the draft cards are turned in in New York, and Jones was in Texas. Yet, a ridiculous rant like this gets posted and gains traction.

Jones is also ridiculed for being in the team’s war room on draft day. Former executives have gone on radio shows and said they never had an owner in the room on draft day. My opinion is, if you own a billion plus franchise, you better be in the room, I know I would be.

And it continued during the season, after the 0-1 start to this season, Chris Korman on USA Today Sports asked when Jones will finally step aside. In fact he made one of the least accurate statements of all-time in this article by claiming the defense would be terrible and the team had zero hope this year.

"“If Jones wants to win he has to turn over the football operations to people who understand the game now. This season is too late to save — Dallas’ defense is a bottom five unit in the league —  but stepping away as the decision maker now would begin the transition.” – Korman"

I do wonder if he printed a retraction after the team went 12-4 and was six points away from being in the NFC Championship game.

One thing that is for sure is there is nowhere near as many people admitting their mistakes in their unrelenting bashing of Jones. Since being named NFL Executive of the Year, the Jerry-bashers have grown silent. While Jerry received credit from the people who know football for real, those who “talk” about football still want to deny him any praise.

One argument I hear to still discredit Jerry is that all the credit for the roster turnaround is due to head coach Jason Garrett (funny because he was supposed to be fired years ago). But that is as misguided as Jimmy Johnson saying Jerry’s role was a crock. If Jerry hired Jason, and Jerry allowed Jason to make the calls, wasn’t that a smart move on his part?

Jerry Jones has made his blunders in the past, but he seems to have learned from them. And if there are any sure things in Dallas, Jerry Jones will always be in the middle of everything for the Cowboys, and I wouldn’t want the owner of the team I root for to be any other way.