Could Robert Griffin III Be Traded To The Dallas Cowboys?

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Oct 13, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) meets with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) after the game at AT&T Stadium. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 31-16. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys have their starting quarterback in Tony Romo. But his back issues could very well shorten the gunslingers’ career. And as Romo will be turning 35 next season, the Cowboys need to find his successor as soon as possible. Griffin, who has been battling injuries himself the past two seasons, needs more time to get 100% healthy. And that time to rest and recover behind a veteran like Romo could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the young 24-year old.

In most other situations, RG3 is going to be asked to become the team’s savior from day one. But not in Dallas. Instead, he’d have a chance to take his time, learn the offense, properly heal and get a quality education behind one of the NFL elite veteran quarterbacks. He’d be asked to grow into the starting position.

Helping the possibility of Griffin landing in Dallas is the fact he has roots in the Lone Star State beyond attending Baylor University. He grew up in Copperas Cove, Texas, having lived there since he was seven years old. But Griffin claims he was never a Cowboys’ fan as his father always rooted for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Looking at the Cowboys’ current depth chart, Griffin would fit in perfectly with Dallas in 2015. The Cowboys are in need of a good back-up next year as current second-string quarterback Brandon Weeden‘s poor play this season has only solidify himself as a first round draft bust. Having a player like Griffin in the batter’s box is the kind of insurance this Cowboys’ team enjoyed when former quarterback Kyle Orton was here in 2012 and 2013. And I have a feeling this organization wants that same kind of security again.

But maybe the biggest factor in Griffin coming to Dallas is owner and general manager Jerry Jones. In an interview with the NFL Network on Wednesday, Jones shared his infatuation for the young quarterback.

"“Well, I’m a fan of RG III. Right on this field two years ago, or maybe it was three seasons ago, he put on a show and had a game that just floored me. And they won, and they won in large part because of his play at quarterback. I thought ‘My goodness, and we’re going to have to be playing this guy for years and years.’ And so he’s got it. Once you see a player do it, especially if you see him do it two or three times, you know he can do it. And of course he’s a driven young man. I’m a big admirer of RG III.”"

Now don’t be naive and think these statements don’t matter. They do. Jones’ feelings about players have gotten this franchise into lengthy contract troubles, given them salary cap headaches and allowed various misguided trades to take place in the past. Although there seems to be a new regime in decision making in Dallas, the buck has always and will always stop with Jerry Jones.

Understand, this is purely speculation on my part. But if the rumors about Griffin’s massive ego are true, I imagine he would prefer a starting gig over a back-up position, even if it ultimately shortens his career. And if half of the allegations are true about his duel personality, (humble on camera and a diva off it) I’m not sure I’d want him in my locker room as an organization.

But maybe this season has humbled him. If so, Dallas would be a good place to lay low and to free himself of the weight of a starter’s role. This team has certainly had to deal with it’s fair share of ego maniacs in the past.

And secondly, the Redskins and the Cowboys don’t exactly have the best relationship. The hatred shared between the two NFC East longtime fan bases most likely bleeds over into ownership as well. So, thinking a divisional rival would trade you any player is probably being extremely optimistic at best.

But there is also the possibility Griffin gets released this offseason. If so, maybe he’d like to come back to the place where he had so much success in years’ past. To return to those good memories as a boy living in Copperas Cove, as a former Heisman winner at Baylor, and in AT&T Stadium a mere two years ago.

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