Dallas Cowboys’ Confidence Shows in Comeback Win


In their final tune-up for the Turkey Day match up with the NFC East Division rival Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys made it harder than it probably had to be before prevailing over the New York Giants on Sunday night. While there is still lots of work to be done before Dallas can secure a playoff spot, there are still many things for the Cowboys and their fans to be thankful for so far in 2014.

The first is, of course, that Dallas has found what it has been lacking for those 8-8 campaigns…an identity. During the course of each and every one of those three mediocre seasons, it was never clear from week to week whether Dallas was going to come out firing balls down the field, or employ a more conservative offensive approach. Now, though, when the Cowboys take the field it is a safe bet to assume that a healthy dose of #29 is in store for the opposition.

As with any positive action, there is usually a favorable reaction to follow. In this particular case, the success of running back DeMarco Murray has meant that some of the pressure on QB Tony Romo to perform heroic feats to pull the Cowboys buns out of the fire has been diminished greatly. That being said, it’s a relief to know that the ability to lead the Cowboys back from the brink of defeat, as he did Sunday night in the closing minutes at the Meadowlands, as well as from 21 down against the St. Louis Rams back in September, is still in Romo’s repertoire when necessary.

Of course, the improved play of Dallas’ big men up front has been the catalyst for both Murray’s ability to rack up 100-yard games and stay health, as well as Romo’s successful comeback from back surgery. Rookie guard Zack Martin has more than proven that he was worth the Cowboys first round draft pick. Those who are old enough to remember the Glory Days of the 1990s can attest to the importance of having a productive offensive line. The three Lombardi trophies that reside at The Ranch wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the unsung heroes who opened up running lanes for the NFL’s all-time leading runner, Emmitt Smith, and kept Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman off his backside.

Even though they faltered in the first half by allowing Giants’ signal-caller Eli Manning to complete three touchdown drives in the first half Sunday night, the Cowboys defense has made undeniable strides forward in 2014. Admittedly, this member of Cowboys Nation was starting to have flashbacks to defensive meltdowns of old after the Giants retook the lead with a precious few minutes left in the game Sunday night, though. From the testy aura that Dallas Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli was giving off after the game, it is safe to say that the Cowboys’ defenders will be getting a wake-up call when they report to work Monday to prepare for the Eagles upcoming holiday visit.

As the dreaded month of December looms closer, Dallas once again finds itself in the thick of the playoff hunt. This season has a different feel, though, An air of confidence instead of tempered optimism is becoming more apparent than it has in a long time in Big D. Hopefully, the ‘Boys will be able to channel the frustrations of the past three seasons with the success they have enjoyed in becoming one of the top contenders in the NFC to clip the wings of the Eagles when they take the field at Jerry’s World Thursday afternoon.

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