What Really Caused The Dallas Cowboys Loss To Arizona?


There has to be some deep, psychological reasoning behind the Dallas Cowboys most recent loss at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals. Could it be that the team didn’t believe they could win without quarterback Tony Romo? Maybe it was because owner Jerry Jones didn’t come down to the sidelines and look the guys in the eyes. They need to know he cares. That inspires them.

Maybe the play callers should be blamed? I mean the Dallas cowboys must be the only team to throw more times than run when they were behind. And I mean, Arizona was only putting nine guys in the box to force the pass. Even hall of game coach Jimmy Johnson at halftime for Fox said the pass was there if back up quarterback Brandon Weeden could just connect.

Maybe it was the defense which was much maligned last year is beginning to return to their regular, mediocre form? That has to be it right? Someone has to be blamed!

I think the answer can be found by watching the tape from last weeks game against Washington. Their backup quarterback Colt McCoy came in, played well and got the win. You remember how it went. Colt completes a screen pass, show his dad! McCoy gets sacked, cameras, quick…pan to the father! There’s a funny commercial on television! Show Brad McCoy, Colt’s daddy…if he laughs it’s gold!!

Seriously, it was like watching a third grader complete his first pass in pee wee football. I will never understand what that was all about. Never before has anyone cared as much about their quarterback’s fathers than they do in Washington. It’s even weirder than the worlds sick, twisted obsession with all the Mannings and how they played football against each other as kids (no family can ever claim to have such tantalizing video). But back to McCoy’s pappy, maybe ESPN was on to something. Maybe if Fox found some of Weeden’s old family videos, or his relatives in the crowd and showed their reaction to his every move, the clouds would have parted as angels descended from heaven to guide the football into the hands of our playmakers.

Whatever the reason for the loss, whoever you want to blame, do not for one second stop and pay any attention to the fact that the Arizona Cardinals are now 7-1. Don’t worry about how this year so far at times they have won without quarterback Carson Palmer, defensive end Calais Campbell and cornerback Patrick Peterson. No way would that mean this team is loaded on defense or has depth all around. Don’t notice how great head coach Bruce Arians has been since coming to Arizona, or how he is now 17-7 as a head coach.

Because when it comes to the Cowboys no one can ever say it was one loss. That it was to a good team, a rival, or even a team that matches up well. When Dallas loses, Chicken Little gets in front of the mic and let’s us all know the sky is falling down. And we all know what happens next, if the Boys handle their business in London and defeat the Jaguars, the questions will then be; “are the contenders, or pretenders?” And “how will they do in December?

It’s just how it goes for the Dallas Cowboys. At 6-3 the wheels are coming off, whereas the Indianapolis Colts look unstoppable at…you guessed it, 6-3. That’s just life when you are the most polarizing brand in all of sports, and we as fans wouldn’t have it any other way.