Dallas Cowboys Should Cut And Run From C.J. Spillman


In a modern society where public perception trumps ‘innocent until proven guilty’, even the mere allegation of impropriety is enough to damage an individual’s reputation. And, in light of recent events, the same goes for modern NFL franchises. And it is in that sense that the Dallas Cowboys bucked that trend a bit last week by refusing to sit recently acquired safety and special teams’ ace C.J. Spillman.

It was first reported by the New York Daily News last week that Spillman is currently under investigation by the Grapevine Texas police department for possible sexual assault. The alleged incident took place on September 20th, at the Gaylord Texan, the Cowboys’ team hotel.

The alleged victim is being represented by famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred. Allred claims Spillman was accused of a separate sexual assault incident just last year. Despite these allegations, the Cowboys’ organization made the decision to allow Spillman to continue to play until he’s actually charged or an arrest is made. And the franchise’s owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, has defended that decision.

"“He’s at this point, a member of the team, and he’s a part of everything we’re doing relative to practice,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan last week. “And again, I think we’re dealing with an accusation, we’re dealing with an allegation, until there’s something from such as an arrest, then I believe he’ll remain a member of this team…You have to be careful with accusations in these types of situations because they don’t tell the full story. When someone is officially charged or arrested, then it becomes a different situation for us. I think ultimately — in my view — that would be in line with anything the league is doing or planning to do regarding physical abuse or sexual assault investigations.”"

And Jones should know about sexual assault accusations. The Cowboys owner is currently facing a sexual assault lawsuit himself arising from a 2009 incident that relates to several photos of Jones and multiple females in compromising positions that emerged in August.

Grapevine police spokesman Sgt. Robert Eberling told CBSSports.com on Thursday that there are no arrests pending in the case allegedly involving Spillman. However, that could change pending the completed investigation.

Regardless, Spillman’s status with the team could change soon anyway. And it has nothing to do with his possible off-the-field the field actions, but his mistakes on it. In Sunday’s overtime win over the Houston Texans, Spillman was called for two holding penalties. DallasCowboys.com analyst and former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus highlighted the special team’s player’s poor performance after the game.

"“As well as the Cowboys special teams has played over the first four games, their performance against the Texans was not one of their better efforts. I was especially disappointed in C.J. Spillman, who struggled badly in the return game as a blocker. I understand that Spillman had a rough couple of days off the field, but multiple holding calls does this squad no good.”"

Since being signed by the Cowboys on September 1st, Spillman has recorded a total of two tackles. Obviously, as a core special teams’ player, his actions on the field aren’t always reflected on the stat sheet. But you combine this perceived lack of production with the multiple penalties over the weekend and the investigation for sexual assault; and I think you have more than enough reasons for the Cowboys to release the 28-year old veteran and invest their time, money and that roster spot in another prospect.