Offense Is Only Hope For Dallas Cowboys


Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrate after catching a pass for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I have tried to hold out faith in the defense this year, but after that Bears game my patience is through. No amount of scheming can make up for a lack of quality players.

You can yell for Monte Kiffin’s head all you want, but the reality of the situation is his system relies on creating a pass rush. And the Dallas Cowboys have no pass rush. That’s not his fault, it’s the fault of the guys who pick the players.

I have defended Jerry Jones’ Jason Garrett-era GM-ing in the past…but this off-season brings another huge strike to his already checkered history. The fact that he goes down in history saying that the defensive line was an area of strength before the 2013 season began is just embarrassing.

Did he really expect Jay Ratliff, a man who he nearly fought in the locker room after a game, was going to come back and play well for him? And even if Anthony Spencer and Tyrone Crawford were (presumably) healthy going into the season, how can a GM who saw his defense decimated by injury the year before justify picking a Tight End in the 2nd round over a defensive lineman?

But it is what it is. The Cowboys’ defense sucks and no amount of adjustments is going to change that.

Some fans might think these next two match-ups before the Philadelphia showdown will be easy, but with a defense this bad that’s simply not the case.

We’re talking about a unit that has made 4 people “offensive player of the week”: Week 4 – Phillip Rivers, Week 8 – Calvin Johnson, Week 10 – Drew Brees, Week 14 – Josh McCown.

This defense cannot be trusted. It hurts to say that because the ‘Boys will always be my team and there are a lot of players I admire on that side of the ball. But as a group, it’s the truth.

That’s why, for the rest of the season, the offense is all that matters.

And that does give Dallas a chance.

I’m sure you all remember the Denver game. The one where Romo and company went shot for shot with Manning over the course of 4 quarters? If the Cowboys have any hope of making the playoffs and doing anything there, that will have to be the offense that shows up these next few games.

Will it happen? Highly doubtful. Besides that Denver game the offense has been inconsistent at best. They should have been able to keep pace against an average-at-best Bears defense and they didn’t. To me, the game changing drive was when they got the ball back with 2 minutes to go in the half…then promptly stalled their drive and gave possession back to the Bears who quickly scored on that amazing Alshon Jeffery touchdown catch.

With Chicago getting the ball back after half-time and a Mike Ditka number retirement speech (only thing that could’ve pumped up the crowd more would’ve been a free-beer-and-brats announcement) the game was over at that point.

But, that’s the thing about this game, it was played in about the most adverse climate possible. Soldier field, Ditka night, 5 degree weather? Maybe we shouldn’t be so down about the team after all…

Never mind, I’m letting hope creep back in.

The defense is bad, the offense is the only hope.

Let’s see how it plays out.