Cowboys versus Chiefs Quick Hits


From a fan’s perspective, the day after a Cowboys loss is always the most difficult.  The random Dallas Cowboys haters use that time to push the knife deeper into the flesh.  God help you if you’re wearing any Cowboys garb too, because even at church you’re not safe from verbal abuse.  Unfortunately, folks learn that lesson the hard way all the time.

The bottom line on this Chiefs vs. Cowboys game is that Dallas abandoned the run far too quickly, the Boys lost the field position battle in a big way, at a crucial moment in the game the defense could not stop Chiefs workhorse Running back Jamaal Charles, Dallas did not force a single turnover, and finally wide receiver Dez Bryant who dominated early was rarely targeted after the first half.

I want to move on from this boring, ugly, melancholy loss as expediently as possible, so here are some tidbits from the game.

Did You See That?!?!

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City had the ball on the Cowboys 30 yard line with a 2nd and 10 to go in the 1st quarter.  Chief’s running back Jamaal Charles took the handoff running up the gut of the defense only to be met by a massive head-on collision from linebacker Sean Lee, blowing off Charles helmet and turning him sideways and backwards.  Sean Lee brought the wood!

Running Game…What Running Game

The Cowboys attempted just 16 runs out of 61 total plays.  The word “unbalanced” is not a putrid enough description of what the statistics indicate was a truly impotent running attack.  Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan completely abandoned the run and the Cowboys were attacking with one hand behind their backs for most of the game.  I can almost hear Cowboys Nation yelling, “Bring back the play caller Jason Garrett!”

Fine Coming for Dangerous Hit?

With a little over 13 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Cowboys Tight End Gavin Escobar caught a ball from Romo for the first down while also taking a thundering shot from the Kansas City defender with the crown of his helmet straight into the outstretched Escobar’s face.  Escobar maintained possession, but there was no call from the refs.  Will the league issue a fine for the dangerous hit?

KC Chief Quarterback Alex Smith Running

While Chief’s QB Alex Smith led all rushers with 57 yards, the majority of those runs (44 to be exact) came in the first half of the game.  The Cowboys looked to employ Linebacker Sean Lee as a spy making a nice defensive adjustment and only allowing Smith another 13 yards in the second half.

KC Chiefs Punter Dustin Colquitt for MVP

The Chief’s won the field position battle primarily off the leg of Punter Dustin Colquitt.  While Colquitt only averaged 43.9 yards per punt on seven attempts, his kicks were deadly effective.  The Cowboys were backed up against their goal line for what seemed like most of the game starting only three series beyond their own 20 yard line, and only one from Chief’s territory at the end of the first half during the Cowboys kneel-down.

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie Struggles

If you read my columns, you know what a fan of Cowboys rookie center Travis Frederick I am.  However, Frederick had a tough game against the man beast; 350 pound Chiefs Defensive Tackle Dontari Poe who gobbled up two sacks straight up the gut of the line.  On the positive side, however, Travis did not flub a single snap in what is arguably one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.  Keep grinding rookie!

All Cowboys fans are looking forward to forgetting this stinker of a KC vs. Dallas game, and excited about a Steven Jackson-less St. Louis Rams matchup which should yield a much more entertaining and positive outcome for the Cowboys.

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