In Appreciation of Andy Reid


When you read this the Cowboys’ record will either be 2-0, 1-1, or 1-0 in the process of becoming one of those two. This article is scheduled to go up at 3pm CST during the closing minutes of the game. Therefore, I can’t write a postgame recap. Nor can I write a pregame analysis because it will be outdated immediately after publishing. And, as much as my in-game thoughts are thoroughly entertaining, I will not take the time to write a column in the middle of a game. That time is sacred.

I will, however, go ahead with writing like the Cowboys are 2-0. At this moment (the night before) that’s what I believe will happen. Everyone is high on Kansas City but I don’t think they come out of the Andy Reid era’s home opener with a win. A 28-2 victory is impressive, but when it comes against Blaine Gabbert the shine fades a bit.

If the Cowboys are 1-1 at this point I won’t be all that mad though. I enjoy seeing (most) people do well. Andy Reid is one of those people.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t get me wrong, I used to really dislike the guy. There was a time in the early 2000s where I dreaded seeing the Cowboys playing against those white-feather helmets. The Eagles were good. They were really good. Playing them usually meant a loss by 17 points. All you could do was hold on and hope that McNabb would have an off day. And all the while The Walrus was sitting there on the sideline, beady eyes and play sheet in hand, watching his team dismantle my team.

They were scarily efficient during those years. Any game against the Eagles seemed like it could get out of hand at a moments notice. The Cowboys could be up by seven in the third and I wouldn’t have the remotest feeling of security.

Those were dark years indeed.

I’m over that now. Time (and winning) has softened the edges of those losses. As much as playing the Eagles sucked, the feeling of playing them is still a fond memory to me. It was distinct. I feared no team like I feared the Eagles. And those emotions made me care more about my team. Losing only made me want to get another shot at them, another chance at redemption. It made me want to watch. The playoff wins against them in 2009 were by far the most satisfying of my fandom. Especially after that game the year before. But it wasn’t just the embarrassment of 44-6, it was a decade of frustration and pain being exorcized over the course of 120 minutes of football.

Andy Reid is a coach who I respect and appreciate. He was the leader of some great Eagles teams that gave the Cowboys headaches and made me a better fan. He gave the Eagles an identity. I respect that and have come to appreciate it even more as I watch Jason Garrett doing the same thing in Dallas. I’m looking forward to what may be one of the Cowboys’ last battles with The Walrus. Who knows the next time Kansas City and Dallas will match up? And will he still be the coach?

However the game ends, I believe Andy Reid deserves the best of luck at what he does for the rest of his career. Whether it continues in Kansas City or somewhere else.

I still hope we beat him though.