Cowboys and a Difficult December?


The Dallas Cowboys website printed a story by Rick Eatman on Tuesday.  In it, Eatman claims the Cowboys will have a difficult month in December.  The Cowboys, according to his report,  are 6-7 on the road and 5-5 at home.  As a fan and a writer of this website, I feel obliged to argue Mr. Eatman’s points. He isn’t looking at the positives of a December that could be a surprisingly good for us, the fans.

Positive #1 vs the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are not only breaking in a new head coach in Marc Trestman, but they are having to replace one of the staples of their defense in the now retired Brian Urlacher.  The Bears are hoping two rookies will be able to replace Urlacher and Noah Roach, who played weak-side linebacker.  Chicago spent a second round pick on Florida product Jon Bostic.

Bostic has been tagged as a hammer especially against the run.  He does tend to attack with his shoulder thus missing the play on the ball.  He isn’t as tall as coaches had hoped but he makes up with solid production, the kind of onfield attitude coaches want, and has an instinct for the football.  Bostic will compete against veteran D.J. Williams for the starting role.

The Bears also picked Khaseem Greene from Rutgers to take Roachs’ spot at the weak-side linebacker spot.  Greene has been scouted as having tremendous speed and athletic ability.  He does struggle in traffic and is said to need to be more physical at the line of scrimmage.

Positive #2 vs the Washington Redskins

Sep 26, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) celebrates a victory against the Washington Redskins at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins game will be one of those toss-up games.  Anytime you have a rivalry game, you never know how the game will end.  I would think the Cowboys would have the upper hand despite having to travel to Washington.  If all goes to plan, Bill Callahan’s play calling will inspire the offense and finally complement the defense.  Demarco Murray will probably be coming off some type of injury he suffered because let’s face it, he is not the kind of running back that can handle a full 17-week schedule.

Positive #3 vs the Philadelphia Eagles

Despite the fact that the Eagles are 7-5 in the month of December, that was also with Andy Reid at the helm.  That is no longer the case, cue in Chip Kelly.  Kelly the former Oregon Ducks Head Coach will be one of many coaches who attempt to make the transition from college football to the National Football League.  The Eagles travel to Cowboys Stadium and if Michael Vick is playing, then expect a good for the Cowboys.  Vick hasn’t been playing his best football with many reports asking, “Does Michael Vick deserve to be the Eagles QB in 2013?” and “How much gas does Michael Vick really have left in the tank?”  It is apparent the writing is on the wall for the Eagles quarterback but Kelly will keep him in there because he thinks he can be the answer to Vick’s turnaround.

At best, Dallas will go 3-1 in the month of December.  I didn’t bother writing about the Green Bay game because I am trying to sprinkle a little reality in the fact that we are playing a very good Packers team.  The only real positive is that we have the home game but our home field advantage hasn’t come around like it should.  The 3-1 record should propel the Cowboys enough to reach the playoffs as a wild card team.  As far as the rest of the schedule, I can see the Cowboys having good games against the Chiefs, Rams, Chargers, Lions, Vikings, and Raiders.  I can see them getting a win against the Giants at least once, as well against the Redskins and Eagles.

The Cowboys have the potential of going 9-7 for the season going in as a probable 5th or 6th seeded team.   How they fare in the playoffs?  Who knows?  Let’s hope it does break the string of playoff losses.  I read an article recently stating that the Super Bowl could be a Texas one as the report predicted the Cowboys and the Houston Texans will make the trip to New York to play in the probable “Blizzard Bowl”.