Is Jerry Jones’ Ego the Dallas Cowboys Biggest Problem?

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Aug 15, 2012; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (right) and quarterback Tony Romo (9) at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Questions recap:

"“Why doesn’t Jerry Jones step down as GM and hire someone that knows what they are doing in that role?” – Julie S. “When will winning a SB become more important to Jerry Jones than his ego?” – Al J. “Will Jerry Jones retire, or will he continue to run the franchise like the late Al Davis?” – Andrew Z."

Michael Huff, Staff Writer – He owns the team. Let’s face it, even if he hired a GM, how much authority would he really have?

Both are equally important to him and it worked in the early 90’s. Jerry will be Jerry, but I think they are closer to making an SB run than they have been in the last few years.

Jerry will not retire, but he will continue to hand more authority to Stephen Jones.

Michael Vu, Staff Writer – Julie, I can’t answer this question because I am not a psychotherapist. (LOL?) I think Jerry Jones is a victim of his own success. He won three Super Bowls early. This fed his ego early and forced him to believe he can rule without absolution. The truth is he is hurting his team. He needs to step aside. Heck, even U.S. Presidents step aside!

As much as we dog Jerry Jones, I do believe he wants a Super Bowl just as bad as us. The problem is that he thinks he is the recipe for a Super Bowl run. I mean he did three times right? Wrong. Time to move forward. We need new faces and new ideas.

Jerry Jones will be running the show until the day he dies — just like the late Al Davis. This man will not overcome his excessive pride. Oh man, does this mean we are the new “Raiders?” I don’t even know who their head coach is these days. Do you?

Renny Mason, Staff Writer – I sense your frustration Julie and rightfully so. As you might guess, we get this question a lot. However, what many fans simply don’t realize is that the next general manager of our Dallas Cowboys is already on the payroll. He is even related to the current GM. His name is Stephen Jones and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Executive Vice President and Director of Player Personnel. One would even argue that Stepen Jones and Jerry Jones indeed share the GM responsibilities as Stephen Jones makes more of the bigger franchise decisions than most realize. Yes, Jerry has made his share of dumb decisions (look no farther than his baseball-to-football projects like Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson and of course the famous Quincy Carter) but he wants to win; he just wants to win his (and his son’s) way. So when Jerry finally does relinquish his general manager duties (and for that matter owner duties as well) you already know who will seize the throne.

Despite popular belief Al , Jerry does care about restoring this proud franchise back to what it once was. He just wishes to do it his way. And when, or if, that time does come, Jerry wants full credit for it. Yes, he has an enormous Texas sized ego. Yes, he has made his share of bonehead personnel moves and trades (look no farther than his baseball-to-football projects like Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson and the famous Quincy Carter). However, I firmly believe the man does want to win, and win big…just his way. And his way deserves at least partial credit for those three Vince Lombardi trophies residing at Valley Ranch.

Fair question Andrew. Yes, Jerry will indeed eventually retire, maybe 5-10 years from now (though most believe he might die first). However, when that times does come (retirement and/or death) Jerry’s successor is already on the payroll. His name is Stephen Jones. So despite how most fans feel about Jerry (and I have had my choice words for him as well over the years) “Mini-Jerry” will take control of the throne when his father finally does step down. Just don‘t expect that time to be any time soon. Rest assured my friend, Jerry wants to win, he just wants it to be his way and receive the lion’s share of the credit when we do win again. So pull up a chair and get comfortable, our Dallas Cowboys will be under the leadership of the Jones family for the foreseeable future.