Dallas Cowboys: Risky Buisness


Every year there are multiple players that are highly sought after in the NFL Draft, and based on their qualities they can either rank high or low in the draft. Some high caliber athletes which may seem likely to have a good ranking sometimes end up falling in rank. Yet that what makes this even so suspenseful because of the unpredictability and uncertainty of a players fate. So with many variables that are always changing, managers around the league try to sort out different scenarios and predict which players will be available to suit their needs.

When players fall further down in the draft than expected, it can be for a number including, off the field issues, under performing

, absence in the combine, or even just misevaluations. It’s no mystery that a majority of players will get snubbed in the draft, and it’s the teams that pounce on the opportunity to draft a player like this that luck out a majority of the time. The Cowboys have had opportunities like this in the past which they have capitalized on, and well other times they haven’t been so lucky.

Players like Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, and Dez Bryant who fell to some extent in the draft have been some of the best opportune picks from the Cowboys. Bruce Carter and Sean Lee were both potential first round picks but both had significant injuries that drop them to the second round. The Dallas Cowboys took a chance on them and their patience paid off. In addition, Dez Bryant was projected as a potential top 15 pick instead he dropped to the bottom of the first round where the Cowboys took a chance on a talented but highly troubled wide receiver. Dez Bryant finally broke out as a preliminary target for quarterback Tony Romo this season despite struggling during the offseason and the first half of the regular season.

This year there are chancy players that maybe on the Cowboys radar. One cant help but wonder if the Cowboys would be willing to take a shot at a player like Matt Barkley or Manti Te’o now that their stock has fallen. Heres a scenario that may not be too far fetched: Either Manti Te’o or Matt Barkley falling within range for the Cowboys to make a move on them in the second round, is it worth it? H

In Matt Barkley’s case he would be more of a value pick than a necessity because Tony Romo will be the starting quarterback for quite a while. Also, Matt Barkley would most likely be the third quarterback because of Kyle Orton’s presence on the roster. Furthermore, a guy like Barkley can possibly grow behind a veteran like Tony Romo as Aaron Rodgers once did behind Brett Favre in Green Bay.

As for Monte Te’o, I believe he can fit an immediate role along side Sean Lee and Bruce Carter in the new 4-3 defense
and possibly push this linebacker core over the top. But in the end maybe neither player will fall to the 2nd round and although the Cowboys can draft either of these guys in the 1st round, they have other holes on the roster to fix, specifically with the offensive line. The draft comes with risks and rewards, but the most important thing for the Cowboys is to be prepared for any situation. All in all, Te’o and Barkley can be good value picks for Dallas if they fall to the second round. The question is which players do you think the Cowboys should pick? And what are some situation they should prepare for?