Cowboy Flashback: Coaches on the TV


With stories running amuck about the Harbough brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, I thought about some of the commercials they have been in.  Then I received an email with a YouTube link with former Cowboy Head Coach Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel doing a small short on “3 Ridiculous Questions”.

Former Coach Jimmy Johnson

Johnson is not a stranger to being in front of the small screen other than his tenure as a head football coach.  Johnson’ recent gig with funny man Jimmy Kimmel was pretty funny, in my opinion.  To see that link, check it out for yourself by clicking here.  Johnson also did a commercial for Apex which was pretty memorable as well.  He and several Cowboy players including Bill Bates, Charles Haley, and Daryl Johnston strut their stuff in a convertible.  My favorite part of it all was when they passed Jerry Jones, who was trying to hitch hike.  Considering that the two parted ways shortly after, it seemed rather ironic that Johnson at the wheel of the car just drives on by, to see for yourself click here.  Johnson was in a Coors Light commercial with many other former coaches including a couple of former Cowboy coaches that I mention below.  To see Johnson and his Coors commercial, click now.

Coach Tom Landry was in a couple of commercials himself, his most famous one was the American Express commercial as he is surrounded by “a of Redskin.” In a classic commercial for the stoic Landry, it was something of a different side many fans didn’t get to see of the iconic coach, to see it click on the following link.  Landry was also in a few other TV spots, one where he has thrown a party and has a surprising end to the commercial, check it out.  Landry also had another commercial that poked fun a little at his retirement and even has him singing a classic Willie Nelson song, to see this rare commercial click here now.  The last YouTube link I wanted to share of Landry was of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” as sung by the Dallas Cowboys of the 1980’s.  Pay particular attention to the 5th day of Christmas, how ironic as to what they wanted for Christmas, watch here.

Coach Barry Switzer was involved in a couple of commercials himself, the most memorable was the “Deion commercial” using the TV series, “Dallas” as its music for the commercial, check it out.  Switzer was also in a Coors Light commercial as well in post-Cowboy coaching days, to see it click here.  Probably the strangest of all his commercials was for Dunkin’ Donuts, after watching it had me scratching my head, check it out.

Coach Bill Parcells was in several commercials during his time as the Cowboys coach including a spot encouraging people to vote yes for the construction of Cowboys Stadium, see it now.  The commercial that stood to me was the “Marry Me Bill” commercial encouraging Cowboy ticket sales, see it now.  Like Switzer, Parcells was in the Coors Light commercials as well, to see his rendition click now.

Coach Wade Phillips was only in one commercial but mentioned in another.  If you watch the Pepsi Max commercial with Phillips in it, you will see a lot of irony in it.  From Tony Romo getting sacked to Jerry Jones taking over the play calling, this commercial is a classic.

Coaches Dave Campo and Chan Gailey did not have commercials during their time as head coaches for the Cowboys.  Gailey has been in several spots for Georgia Tech but nothing during his time with the ‘boys.

What I find funny for the most part is how much Jerry Jones is in the commercials as well, just to see how much face time he had to have is a demonstration of how he wants to be in the spotlight.  The other thing I noticed was that in the two of the stronger coaches, whom I thought were Johnson and Parcells, Jones is either made fun of or not a big part of the commercial; but the other coaches such as Switzer and Phillips, which I see as the weaker influences, Jones is prominent in their commercials.  Those are just some observations; enjoy the commercials coming for the Super Bowl.  If anything, some people watch more than just the game but the commercials.  This article just wanted to showcase that America’s team has their coaches in the national spotlight and have been for many years.

*Cowboy Flashback will be a series of articles on the history of the Dallas Cowboys.  I will find some history of the team and share it in one of my weekly articles on a monthly basis.  If you have any suggestions or questions, email me.  My email information is in bio on this page.