Not Quite Sold On The Dallas Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys are on an impressive three-game winning streaking, however, deep down inside these Dallas Cowboys are the same exact team we’ve been seeing all season.  The only difference between this team the last few weeks and the team earlier this season?  The Dallas Cowboys have found their heart and reason for playing.  Unfortunately, they still have a few more games to convince some fans who are tired of blindly believing.

Even though the Cowboys are doing better the second half of the season there is still causes for concerned which cause people to wonder, does this team have what it takes to make a run into the playoffs.  I’m unconvinced they do, however, they are slowly proving me wrong each week.  Now before you judge hear me out on what I am not quite sold on the Dallas Cowboys.

First of all, let’s look at the teams they have beaten on this last three game win streak.  The Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Now the Bengals game, yes that was an impressive come from behind win to a good team.   The Steelers are struggling and are inconsistent this year so that was one of those games that could have went either way and happened to fall to Dallas who came together at the right time and made plays when they needed too.  The Eagles are a team who continually finds ways to beat themselves week in and week out.   Not saying that Dallas didn’t deserve to win but these teams aren’t what they were in years past and so that helps to discredit those wins in a way.

Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers players and personnel take a moment after the game at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sport

Secondly, as good as the offensive line was last week against Pittsburgh, there are still so many holes and you really can’t be sure if the offensive line can continue to be consistent each Sunday.   I will give the offensive line their props they have shown up and protected a lot better than they did in previous games.

Thirdly, the defense is hurting.  Last week, Dallas had some players step up and make big plays against the Steelers offense.  As good as Dallas has been on defense they are definitely a heart attack waiting to happen, so to speak.  There are some questionable plays like the play Danny McCray and Mike Jenkins got burned on with a wide open touchdown to Steelers tight end Heath Miller.  With the New Orleans Saints coming up, their tight end Jimmy Graham cannot be left that wide open by Dallas’ defense that spells big trouble.

Finally, red zone issues have gotten better however, there is times when Dallas regresses to the conservative play calling in the red zone.  The offense at times doesn’t seem to step up unless their backs are against the wall.  Play calling has to continue to improve and continue to go to the no huddle offense to get results.  Dallas’ offense needs to get that kill factor as they are definitely not blowing teams out and causing fans everywhere mild anxiety cases.

Even though I am not quite sold on Dallas, they are showing emotion, becoming consistent before our eyes and fighting week end and week out not looking flat or lost and confused.  The Cowboys will need to bring their A+ games against a Saints team that really has nothing left to do besides spoil the playoff chances of Dallas.

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