This week has been exciting for Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere. We got to see two games i..."/> This week has been exciting for Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere. We got to see two games i..."/>

Entering Enemy Territory pt. 2


This week has been exciting for Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere. We got to see two games in 6 days after waiting 6 months with just memories. I was fortunate to be in Oakland for the first game and all though it wasn’t very exciting I have to be pleased with the teams performance.

First off I would like to just talk about how the Dallas Cowboys are really Americas Team. When I pulled into the parking lot at the Oakland Coliseum I was amazed of the amount of Cowboys jerseys in attendance. I was warned over and over that you can not go to the black whole wearing the visiting teams colors. I would guess that 40% of the fans at the game where Cowboys fans. The cheers of the Cowboys fans easily topped cheers for the Raiders. I had my 8 year old son with me and I couldn’t be more proud of him yelling, “BOOOOO RAIDERS, BOOOO”.

This was not only my sons first game but his first time watching a full game. I couldn’t help but smile after realizing how he is following my footsteps. He was watching his first game at the age of 8 like I did and his first game was Cowboys against Raiders as it was for me as well. He had such a blast that he asked when we would go to another game before we even got back into the parking lot. My son has always liked the Cowboys but I could see it in his eyes that this experience made him look at football in a new light.

Being at the game with a mixed group of Cowboys and Raiders fans made fun for all of us. The dirty looks and clinched teeth from other members of my group was a unforgettable time. I am just glad that the Dallas Cowboys won the game. Had they not then this trip might not been as entertaining for me against my company.

The 3-0 game against the Raiders was very pleasing to me for the simple fact that the Dallas Cowboys defense looks like they can keep opponents out of the end-zone. The defense that Rob Ryan is organizing this team with looks like it being grasped very well. I cant help but be pleased with multi-interception football games. The defense in the second half of the chargers game may not have been as pleasing but most of them wont stay on the team anyways. Brandon Carr intercepting Phillip Rivers twice was nothing short of amazing and maybe we can agree with his 50 million dollar contract now.

Some may worry about the performance of the Dallas Cowboys offense, but I have no worries about them. When They step on the field with a full starting offense the team will not have problems getting points. The offense is full of play makers and as long as the defense can hold the Cowboys will just be fine. This is just preseason, the guys guaranteed a spot on the roster are not risking injuries.

This is just the beginning and I can’t help but be pleased with several individual performances of the players. When the roster is cut down to 53 I believe we will have the 53 it takes to be successful. The Dallas Cowboys may still have a little discipline issues to manage but this next two weeks it will be focused on and it will be taken care of. Penalties and Offensive line are the weakness of the team so far. If the team will strengthen these areas, this could be the most solid this team has been since the 90’s.