The Wait Is Over, Football Is Back


This week is one that we all have been waiting for. The Hall Of Fame game between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals is here to officially open the new season. Last night was another very memorable ceremony for new players received in the Pro Football Hall Of fame. As the Saints and Cards’ get ready to play in the honor of these great players now deemed as legends,  everyone should be excited whether we are fans of the teams or not. Although it is just preseason and stats mean nothing, we all can release the breaths that many of us have been holding since free agency opened in March.

What better way to open the season than having the newly enshrined players to cut the red tape for the official start of the 2012 National Football League season. This month all 32 teams records are equal, but now we can see what our teams may have to offer for our enjoyment through out the year. Every fan and every team have the same goal and at this point any team is capable of being a champion caliber team. The NFL is made up of the best football players in the world and they are all capable of on any day to have one of the greatest performances. Tom Brady can very well pull out a Jamarcus Russell type year, and Sam Bradford could be the next Troy Aikman. These ideas may not be very reasonable but in the NFL anything is possible. That’s what is so great about the NFL. Every year is a new year and no team is the same as they were the year before.

I myself cant wait to see what the Dallas Cowboys have to offer us. I can’t wait to see if Brandon Carr is worth the money Jerry gave him. I can’t wait to decide for myself if Mo’ Claiborne can truly be the next Deion Sanders. I can’t wait to see if Tony Romo can keep the streak of getting better every year alive. I can’t wait to see if DeMarcus Ware can be the single season sack leader that we all know he is capable of. And most importantly, I can’t wait to see if this is finally the year for the Cowboys to get back to the familiar, yet recently unfamiliar, category of world champion. Unfortunately I, as everyone else, will have to wait. But at least we can say good bye to the 2011 highlights, and welcome in 2012 with open arms (unless you are a N.Y. Giants fan, then you might want to hold on to 2011 for many, many years to come).

With all that said, congratulations to the new members of the HOF. The testimonies they release unto the world could be life changing for many young fans. I especially appreciate Curtis Martin for his honesty, he let the world know that anyone can be great regardless of the background they grow up in.  And although I may not care much for the Saints or the Cardinals, I hope they give us a show that is worthy of being HOF honoring. Welcome back football, we missed you and we are ready.