Dallas Cowboys Season Predictions, Vol 3


Last week, we saw our Cowboys fight to end the midway point of the season at 6-2, respectable, and currently in the running for playoffs.  Will the Cowboys continue their November trend? Training camp is right around the corner, and next week will be the final installment.

November 11, Cowboys @ Eagles:
Mike Vick still isn’t living up to the hype that he built himself back in 2010.  His play is still good, but not great. Last year, the underneath throws and LeSean McCoy gashed the Cowboys.  This year, the inside linebacker core with Lee and Carter is just too athletic for them.  The Cowboys also don’t have to play 2-high safeties, because Claiborne and Carr islands are starting to form.  While Vick is horribly looking through his reads, Ware picks up three sacks on the day, and Vick’s ribs hurt after the 3rd, so he leaves the game. The Cowboys stun the “dream team” at Lincoln Financial field.

November 18, Cowboys Vs Browns:
Trent Richardson is the only weapon this team has on both offense and defense.  Josh Gordon, the 2nd round pick in the 2012 Supplemental draft shows amazing talent, but his year of being out of football has its’ effect, and the Dallas defense has no problem keeping the Browns one-dimensional, and impotent.  Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense pads their numbers on the way to the Pro Bowl.  After a 28-3 halftime lead, with Romo having 280 yards and 4 TD’s, Kyle Orton comes in the 2nd half and we see him in action for the first time since pre-season.  Sorry Browns fans. I know rebuilding stinks, but I just don’t see anyone on that team that is dangerous right now. Several years down the road, maybe.  But nothing now.  Cowboys sit at 8-2, and sit at 2-1 in the month of November.
 November 22, Cowboys Vs Redskins:
This is the first time that the Cowboys get to see RGIII in action. However, even with the franchise QB, the Redskins are still terrible. I do give them credit though; whenever they play an NFC East opponent, they come ready, having already beaten the Giants and the Eagles once this year.  For further in-depth on why the Redskins are still a long ways away from being a threat to the NFL, click these little blue letters.  And for the annual Thursday afternoon game, these two teams put on a show in a defensive battle.  RGIII, even with all of his speed, still has no receivers to throw to. He gets a good dose of DeMarcus Ware on what seems like every play, as Ware racks up another two sacks.  Dan Bailey shows us all once again why he is the man as he completes 5/6 field goals (and his one miss was right before halftime, from 61 yards out, give the kid a break) as the Cowboys pull to a NFC best 9-2.

December 2, Cowboys Vs Eagles:
December is here yet again, and ESPN can’t seem to get away from the headline of “What will the Cowboys do in December?”  With an excellent November stretch of 3-1, the Cowboys can seal a playoff birth with two wins in the month of December, and 4 wins will have them sealed as the top seed in the NFC.  With the crowd at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, home field advantage is finally an advantage for the Cowboys.  The Eagles are clinging to their last playoff hopes, and they come ready to play.  They put up a good fight, but Dez Bryant is having his breakout season, already surpassing 1,000 yards and 1o TD’s.  Dez shows the world that he is worth the trouble, as he beats the Eagles Pro-Bowl CB, Nnanmdi Asomugha, on several deep plays.  Philly’s defense is built around protecting a lead and being aggressive, but the Eagles never have the lead the entire game.  DeMarcus Ware racks up another pair of sacks on Mike Vick, giving him 18 on the season with five games remaining.  Cowboys send the Eagles packing, 31-17.

With four games remaining, the Cowboys control their own playoff destiny.  One more win, and the Boys’ are guaranteed a wild card birth.  Three more wins, and they secure the top spot in the NFC. The upcoming schedule includes no easy foes, as they travel to Washington, to Cincinnati and play Pittsburgh and New Orleans at home.  Next week, we found out if the Cowboys can get over this December slump and make it to the playoffs.  What do you think of how the season has panned out so far?  Feel free to leave comments in the section below.  My opinion is a little biased, as I am a lifelong Cowboys fan, but I also try to take a realistic approach.  Last season, the offense was not the problem. The defense, because of poor secondary play, gave up five leads in the 4th quarter.  This year, with a completely revamped secondary, I do not believe that it will be an issue.  Rookies and injured players report to camp today, and we will finally get to see Morris Claiborne in pads, as he signed his 4 year, 16.5 million dollar deal (with 10 million guaranteed).  Football season is almost here, thanks to all of our loyal followers as we got through the roughest part of the year for football fans.

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