Redskins to Remain at Bottom of the NFC East Food Chain


Doom, gloom, and Robert Griffin the 3rd have been haunting the blogosphere recently. In a division housing elite QB play such as Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Tony Romo, the Redskins are going to join the pool with the addition of Robert Griffin III, QB prospect and Heisman trophy winner out of Baylor.

It has been rumored that the St. Louis Rams have shopped the #2 pick around, and the highest bidder was the Washington Redskins. Yes, they will get a great QB prospect, but he’s not even the #1 QB prospect this year. The Redskins have made a deal with the devil and will lose out on two additional 1st round picks, severely crippling RGIII for his important developmental years.

As unexcited as I am about having to face RGIII twice a year for the next 12 years, I would much rather face him than face Peyton Manning, or Matt Flynn. Yes, RGIII is an amazing physical talent, but the Redskins won’t be able to get him the supporting cast to help him succeed, and the Redskins will continue to be feasted on by the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys.

Let’s also note, that the St. Louis Rams decision to hire Jeff Fisher has already paid off, as he has given them a great opportunity to surround former #1 draft pick and Heisman winner Sam Bradford with talent to help him succeed.  The Redskins, in return for the #2 pick this year, will sacrifice pick #6 and their 2nd round pick this year, along with a 1st round pick next year, and a 1st round pick in the 2014 draft.  The last trade this monumental was the Herschel Walker trade, which left the Dallas Cowboys with enough ammunition to propel themselves into 3 Vince Lombardi trophies in the early 90’s.

This trade is worse than the Herschel Walker trade in terms of fairness.  Yes, the Redskins are in dire need of a franchise QB, but they also need receivers, and have holes along the offensive/defensive line, and in the defensive secondary.  This one pick will fill the biggest hole on the team, but at the cost of a supporting cast for their prized new draft pick.  RGIII was good enough to win the Heisman trophy, but there is a reason why Andrew Luck is still speculated to be drafted before him.

RGIII is unproven at the professional level.  Heisman winner, yes. But look at Reggie Bush. He won the Heisman and nothing has really become of him yet. In fact, the only Heisman winner to show any potential for turning a team around since Charles Woodson won it back in 1997 would be Cam Newton, but the jury is still out on him.  I was unimpressed with RGIII in the Alamo Bowl this year.  The running back, Ganaway, stole the game away.  RGIII put up gawdy numbers during the season, but didn’t really shine when it came time in a bowl game.

The Redskins have 40 million in cap room, which is a ton of money to bring in free agents, but those free agents are ‘free’ for a reason.  There is a reason why DeMarcus Ware will not be a free agent. He is the best in the game at rushing the passer and the Cowboys will always take care of him.  Mario Williams is going to be demanding a contract higher than that of DeMarcus Ware, but he is not the best in the game. Good?  Yes, but not the best. You don’t pay someone who isn’t the best like they are the best.  The Redskins can throw money at all of the high name free agents, but sooner or later the cap will catch up to them. You think they would have learned after giving Albert Haynesworth the mammoth of a contract that resulted in nothing.

Growing up in South Texas I am a big University of Texas football fan.  Baylor has always been the red-headed step child and I never saw them as a bitter rival. RGIII has turned that program into something special, and I hate to see such a talented and respectable young man go to a hated NFL rival.  It will make things interesting, because I doubt he will pull a Grossman and guarantee the NFC East every year. Bonehead play of the year anyone?  He won’t make headlines with his outlandish quotes.  RGIII is the Right Kind of Guy, and he will help the Redskins.  It’s going to take more than him to move them up the food chain though.  I think the only thing that will benefit in Washington will be any store that sells calve-high superman socks.

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