Dallas Cowboys Roundup: Morris Claiborne, Dez Bryant, and Team USA


Last week I wrote about the crucial impact of having rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne attend training camp.  Reports are out that Claiborne has no plans of holding out with or without a contract.  Unfortunately Cowboys fans, that isn’t much of a confidence booster.  Rookies cannot participate in training camp without a contract and Claiborne is still one of many top picks without one.

The report however, does give hope.  Claiborne is ultimately the final say in his contract discussions and if he says he intends to be there for training camp I believe him.  The problem remains the contractual language that deals with guaranteed money and what happens if a player is released prior to end of his contract.

Claiborne has been cleared to practice starting the 24th and would be good-to-go for all activities.  Claiborne remains one of the most talented Cowboy’s draft picks in quite some time and seems to offer a playmaking savior to a defensive backfield that has been horrific.  He says he’s excited to get to work and fans are excited to see him at work.

Is this really Dez’s year?

Dez Bryant seems to be, year in and year out, one of the popular breaks out picks.  Unfortunately, Dez has been plagued by injury and inconsistency.  Yet reports remain optimistic this year saying that this is going to be the year the Dez Bryant emerges as an elite receiver.

Dez has all the tools to make this happen.  He has size, speed, and incredible raw talent.  Thanks in large part to a new off-season program, Dez is feeling better than ever and that bodes well for the Cowboys chances of getting off to a good start.

Last season Dez saw a substantial increase in his numbers and demonstrated just how dominant he can be.  It isn’t out of the realm of possibilities to expect a 1,300 yard 11 TD season.

Dez will have to improve on a few things but ultimately being a player late in the games.  Last year he fell apart after the half and the Cowboys won’t tolerate that this year.  There have been reports that Dez might not get a new contract after his rookie deal is over.  I find that to be completely outrageous and I wouldn’t hold on to any thought of that happening.  Dez will likely be a Cowboy for a very long time.

My prediction: 78 receptions, 1,106 yards, 12 touchdowns

Parting Thoughts:

This doesn’t have to do with the Cowboys but I thought that it really warranted discussion and seeing that training camp will be taking over the news here on the site in no time I figured what better time then now.  This is a really important time for our country… Society is scrambling in a tough economy, the presidential election is a few months away and it’s one of the most important in a long while, troops are deployed and deprived the opportunity to keep up with America’s team, and the Olympics start in 2 weeks.

The Olympics are a really special time for this country.  It’s a chance for people to display their pride in their country and their fellow countrymen.  In that thought, I’d like to thank everyone I’ve ever served beside, will serve beside, or have served before me.  I would like to thank all the families and friends of veterans for their support of their troops and their country.  Additionally, I’d like to declare my support for the athletes who will represent our country.

Lastly, I implore all of you to put your football fan aside.  Along with all those hateful/fair weather comments that Cowboys Nation has become infamous for.  Support those who are representing the USA and if you don’t find yourself a fan of a specific person, just keep it to yourself.  In a country full of busy, on the go people… it’s nice to have a couple weeks of unity.  Thanks everyone!