The Top Dallas Cowboys Stories This Week


Here’s a quick breakdown of this week’s top Dallas Cowboys related stories and my opinion of each:

Tony Romo listed as the #10 Top Quarterback in the NFL by ESPN’s Ron Jaworski.

My view: For those of you out of the ESPN Sportcenter loop, former quarterback and Monday Night Football announcer Ron Jaworski is ranking the top NFL quarterbacks. This week, he named Tony Romo the tenth best QB in the league behind household names like Jay Cutler, Philip Rivers, and Joe Flacco. I think this “Jaws” guy’s out of his mind and it’s probably the reason he’s not on the MNF crew anymore. No one would take Rivers, Cutler or Flacco over Romo, I don’t care how strong their arms are. You want a strong arm, go get JaMarcus Russell (if you can get him off the couch). If you are ranking the top quarterbacks as of right now and you’re excluding possible future potential, Romo has to be closer to the top five. Brady, Rodgers, and Brees are obvious top tier. I could even see the Manning brothers ahead of him. But seriously, ranking the Dallas’  QB at ten is a monster of a mistake and a slap in Romo’s face.

Former Giant Amani Toomer chooses Tony Romo over Eli Manning.

My view: For those of  you who missed it or don’t have SiriusXM NFL Radio, here’s what  the former Giant wideout said about Tony Romo on Thursday:

"“Tony Romo is probably, if you look at him statistically, the best quarterback in the NFC East,. “I mean, you look at Eli Manning and what he does in the fourth quarter, but you talk about consistency, talk about 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. That guy can play.”"

I like a guy who speaks his mind. This dude did and is now getting a ton of flak for it. My views have always been the same. Give me Romo in the first three and a half quarters and Manning the last half. If Romo can start consistently finishing out games, I’d happily toss Eli’s Oreo cookie-loving tail overboard.

Will Dallas take a player in the NFL Supplemental Draft?

My view: First off, has a Hall of Fame player ever been taken in a supplemental draft? Nope. Has a pro-bowler? A couple. Wideout Cris Carter (1987) and Quarterback Bernie Kosar (1985). In fact, only 41 players total have been chosen in the draft’s 35 year history! And Dallas has taken five of those players: QB Steve Walsh (1989), RB Mike Lowman (1989), TE Josh  Davis (1994), DT Darren Benson (1995) and DT Josh Brent (2011). Winners…all of them. Who cares?

Martellus Bennett takes a shot at Tony Romo?

My view: For those of you who care, (I don’t) here’s what Bennett said this week that was an apparent shot at Romo:

"(Talking about Eli Manning) Just his approach. I mean, he’s just looking for the open guy. It doesn’t matter who it is or what number you are. If you’re open, he’s going to hit you. You have to be ready. That’s what makes it so fun playing in this offense because anytime you beat your guy, you know you could get the ball."

I don’t see a dig here. Romo hit Bennett plenty of times for numerous drops. At some point, you have to stop throwing to Mrs. Butterworth. I hope Bennett brings to the Giants exactly what he brought to the Cowboys for the last few years. If so, maybe he and T.O. will be coming to an Arena League near you soon!

And for those of you who think Bennett was a decent blocking Tight End, just find me any other 6’6, 270 pound TE. I bet that guy can block the crap out of all those 5’10 defensive backs too! And at least, with the new guy, the Twinkie supply in the locker room won’t have to be restocked everyday!