Welcome to the Mo-Carr Islands


Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please place your trays in the upright and locked position and fasten your seatbelts. Next stop, the Mo-Carr islands in Arlington, Texas.  The weather forecast for our destination is cloudy with a chance of Championship.  Enjoy your flight.

Oh, did I mention this is the year 2013 already?  The Mo-Carr islands aren’t formed until late in the 2012 season, and it takes a while to get tourist attractions there and such.  Lets take a look at how 2012 panned out.  The Cowboys were playing the Houston Texans and were down by 6 points. ( By the way, the only time these two teams will play each other in 2012 is in February in New Orleans. You do the math.) Dez Bryant broke his leg early in the 4th quarter, but it’s 2 minute drill and Tony Romo’s toughness from playing with a broken rib in 2011 gave Dez inspiration. He knocks out the trainers (yes, plural) who took his helmet and hobbles onto the field.

Tony Romo trusts him, so he catches Dez, in hobbled stride, on a quick slant. Dez makes Jonathan Joseph look like a child as he throws him to the ground with one hand and it’s off to the races down the right sideline.  He’s being closely chased by Darren Sharper (who the Texans picked up off the street early in the season to replace Daniel Manning, who tore his ACL) one of the hardest hitting safeties in ‘da’ league.  But, Dez puts the team on his back, runs through Sharper and crosses the plain; touchdown. Cowboys win. They also win in 2013, and 2015 to mirror their success from the early 90’s.

(For those of you who didn’t quite understand what that story was about, take a satirical moment to check out the back story here (Disclaimer, I do not own thisvideo, it is for your viewing enjoyment)).

Back to the future; Morris Claiborne is unproven. He was a great talent in college and was a high draft pick for a reason.  Cowboys scouts had him rated as the highest CB since Prime-time (Deon Sanders) himself.  I don’t want to anoint him right off the bat, because I don’t know how he will handle the NFL as a rookie. Patrick Peterson, Mo’s team-mate and the 5th pick in the 2011 NFL draft had an exciting year as a returner, but horrible year as a CB.

The young rookie, if he lives up to his hype, will be a “shut down” corner in the NFL. He needs to bulk up in order to help him with the large amounts of press-man coverage that  Rob Ryan will be using. This kid has the ability, and the veteran help around him to succeed.  Carr was described as Rob Ryan as a “lunch pail” guy.  He comes to work, busts his butt, and leads by example.  Claiborne will learn a lot from Carr and it won’t be long before we see one side of the field called “Mo Island”.

We have already heard rave reviews about the physicality that Brandon Carr brings to the Dallas Cowboys secondary. His press-man coverage and “in your face” play is bringing the swag back to Dallas back faster than Old Spice Original Scent deodorant. Carr is only 26 years young, and entering the prime of his playing career. I am sometimes reckless in statements made about potential, but this kid will be the next Revis.  He might not have the matching ability that Revis has, but combined with Ryan’s pressure defense and pass rush, Carr is going to produce, and we will soon start hearing about “Carr island”.

I try not to get too excited, because with two islands on the field… opposing QB’s will have nowhere to go with the football. DeMarcus Ware will break the all-time sack record (held by Bruce Smith with 200), and what we will see is a trickle effect.  The pass rush will feed off the exceptional coverage. The coverage will feed off the exceptional pass rush, and opponents will have a tough time scoring on the Dallas Cowboys.  Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the Doomsday Defense of new.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Claiborne, Carr and anything else Cowboys down in the comments section. I check into the comments quite frequently and answer your questions.

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