Wednesdays Words for Success: Cowboys Summer Drought Edition


It seems every year the summer gets longer, and the beginning of September is just a mirage in the distance. Last year, admittedly, was the worst I have ever experienced. Roger Goodell forever found a mount upon my dart board, and I relied on the game of Madden to pretend like football was still around.

This year is a bit different. OTA’s, rookie minicamps, and veteran minicamps will be happening in the next few weeks, and the beginning of training camp is only 54 days away (starts July 30th in Oxnard, CA). SO without further ado, here is your fix for your Words For Success…

Mike Jenkins, you proved your point. Now get off your “high horse” (don’t ask me how he got up there in the first place with his bruised and frail body) and get back to training. No one wants a cry-baby. You can compete with the best of the CBs in this league when you put your mind to it; so prove me wrong and quit pouting.

DeMarcus Ware, it’s time to do some neck pushups. Maybe you should ask Peyton Manning for some advice on technique. You have to break the sack record. Strahan was just a tad slower because of his non-aerodynamic tooth gap… you should be able to oust it. I was watching Heath Evans and Willie McGinest debate on NFL Network who the best pass rusher was. Heath remembers going up against you and he was scared. I hope you make the rest of opposing offenses feel the same way in 2012.

Lawrence Vickers, great job on being voted on by your peers into the top 100 players of 2011.  You don’t seem like the type of player to let it go to you head, so go out there and continue to be a bruiser.  Your arrival has me seriously looking at DeMarco Murray in the 2nd/3rd rounds of fantasy football.  Everyone else you’ve blocked for has gone on to have career years.

Rookies with injuries, (This includes, but is not limited to; Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Kyle Wilbur, Danny Coale).  You better be getting your mental reps.  You can talk to the reporters and media all you want about how you’re getting your mental reps, but the truth is; if you have a horrible rookie year because of your ill-preparation, the media pundits will write it off as due to you being a rookie, and being injured.  Look at Dez Bryant for example; he has the athletic ability to be the #1 WR in the NFL, but due to his injuries, the lockout, and Dez not playing the last part of his college career, we write it off as excusable.  The Cowboys don’t need excuses; we need results, and we need it from our young draft class.  Go out there and blow our minds away, make Jason Garrett, Steven Jones, and Rob Ryan look like personnel geniuses.

Matt Johnson, isn’t school over already?  We need someone to compete with Brodney Poole for that FS spot, and something tells me Barry Church just doesn’t have that ability full time. Granted, Church is an amazing  athlete who will contribute in injury situations and nickel/dime packages… but we need a pure ballhawk back there. So hurry up and finish school.

Rob Ryan, your ‘lap band’ procedure has reduced your gut (previously rumored as your source of swagger), so the only way to increase the amount of “swag” emanating from you is to grow your hair out, preferably mullet style. For style tips, please see Kenny Powers.

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