Joe Flacco Better Than Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo? Get Outta Here…


All right everyone, grab a seat, a beverage of your choice, and a snack because I’m about to serve you guys a very potent reality check.  Ready for it? See I was watching NFL’s top 100 players of 2012, which lists the player’s votes and rankings of their peers.  On the first day I was pretty surprised to see our own Tony Romo at number 91.  I started to question why and decided that I would allow the list to pan out before I made any assumptions… then Joe Flacco came up as the next quarterback at #74.

Do I really have to go on at this point?  NFL Network and the NFL players are telling me “I’m elite” Joe is better than Romo.  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!  This immediately started a body, mind, and soul style outrage as I tried to fathom such a statement.  Flacco threw for a modest 3,610 yards, 20 TD’s, and 12 Int’s.  How is he that high?

Well I calmed down after this hissy fit, I got right, and my wife forced me to eat.  As I came back to reality and realized I wasn’t having a nightmare after all, I thought to myself… Tony Romo is the most underrated QB in the entire NFL.

Now I understand the case out there for Romo being horrible, his post season performances haven’t been…umm…stellar to say the least.  However, Tony Romo may be one of the top 5 regular season quarterbacks I’ve ever seen.  You’re talking about a guy who just tossed for 4184 yards 31 TD’s and 10 Int’s.   You’re talking about a guy who has amassed a career 96.9 passer rating.  This guy isn’t your everyday Joe.  We’re way passed the days of Quincy and Hutch, passed the days of Bledsoe and Testaverde, yet we’re too ignorant to see what we have.

We’re not innocent Cowboys fans.  Despite the popular loathing of Tony Romo and the inability for people to recognize his immense ability, it does help that all us fans do is bash him.  Admit it… you’ve done it, I’ve done it, the whole fan base has done it.  Yet year in and year out all Tony does is put up solid numbers, creates situations to win, and handles criticism with that goofy smile and Starter hat.

Here is what Tony Romo has done for his career:

NFL all-time records:

#2 All-Time career passer rating

#4 All-Time Yards Per Attempt

Dallas Cowboys Team Records:

Games with 3+ touchdown passes (24)

Games with 300+ yards passing (32)

Dallas Cowboys Single Season Records:

Games with 300+ yards in one season (8, 2009)

Passing touchdowns (36, 2007)

Passing Yards (4,483, 2009)

Completions (347)

Dallas Cowboys Single Game Records:

5 touchdown passes in one game

Completed 88.5% of passes against the Bills in 2011.

I mean… that’s no big deal right? Isn’t it time for a new quarterback Cowboys fans?  At least, that’s what I keep hearing.  We could do Tony a favor here; we could start cheering for him like he’s the quarterback he is.  I could care less if Tony golfs on Friday’s.  Guess what? I have a full time job and I happen to take leave to golf on Fridays as well.  You see Tony may not have won us “the big one” but he certainly has won us a lot of little ones.  How about we show some faith in him?  How about we trust what he can do and forgive what he tries to do.  This franchise is only winning one way, through Romo, so saddle up Cowboys fans and enjoy the ride.  You might not see a quarterback like this again in a long while.