Madden Cover Athlete: The Dallas Cowboys Edition


With the release of the Madden 13 cover athlete fast approaching, I thought we would have a little fun with it and try out a Dallas Cowboys version of the bracket. For the sake of space I will only set up a bracket of eight athletes and then see who ends up being the 2013 cover athlete for the Dallas Cowboys. This is strictly my point-of-view on the matter, so feel free to comment and let the world know who you would pick to be on the cover of one of the most beloved game in football history if it was reserved strictly for a Cowboy.

Since there are so many great Cowboys throughout the years I will exclude all retired players. As you’ve all seen there is all kinds of uproar on who the greatest quarterback in Cowboys history, so in an attempt to neutralize that I will just use players that are currently on the roster and have played at least one season with the team. Sorry Brandon Carr. Also in an attempt to keep things simple and easy to follow, defensive players will square off against defensive players and offensive players will compete against offensive players. Kapeesh?

Elite Eight

Defensive Bracket

DeMarcus Ware vs. Mike Jenkins

Both players were first-round draft picks, and both have been to at least one Pro Bowl. That is about all the similarities there are between DeMarcus Ware and Mike Jenkins. Jenkins is still a relatively young player with plenty left to prove. He has time to get back on track and show that he can be a superstar. On the other hand you have Ware, who is the best of the best, year-in and year-out. Sorry Jenkins, maybe next year… or maybe not.

Sean Lee vs. Jay Ratliff

Sean Lee burst on to the scene in a big way last year. He led the team in tackles and proved that he was well worth the risky second-round pick Dallas gave up to get him two years ago. The challenge Lee faces going forward is not if he can play the position, but if he can continue to stay healthy and in turn make an impact on the field.

Offensive Bracket

Tony Romo vs. Felix Jones

This match-up is a no-brainer. Tony Romo is the leader of the offense, and as we’ve seen in the past, when he is out of the lineup for an extended period of time the Cowboys struggle to win. Felix Jones has all the potential in the world, yet he can never seem to stay on the field or sustain his production over a long period of time. To go along with that, DeMarco Murray is poised to take the majority of the carries next season, which will further impede Jones’ production. Romo moves on in a landslide.

Miles Austin vs. Dez Bryant

This is probably one of the more difficult match-ups I present. Both receivers have a ton of talent yet neither have consistently produced on the field. Dez Bryant can light up opposing defenses and take a punt or kickoff back for a touchdown at will. The knock on him is that at times he seems to disappear or get rattled by multiple coverage. Miles Austin has had success, and he’s even made it to Hawaii. He has had problems staying on the field, especially last season. In the end I am going to give this one to Austin because he has shown he can do it over the course of a season.

Final Four

Defensive Bracket

DeMarcus Ware vs. Sean Lee

Both players had monster seasons last year. Lee took steps forward in his NFL development and at the same time put some of the injury questions to rest… for the time being. Ware on the other hand had another all-pro season and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, double-teams or not. Sorry Lee, but when you go up against the best you generally don’t come out on top. The victory goes to D-Ware.

Offensive Bracket

Tony Romo vs. Miles Austin

Romo comes out as the clear-cut winner in this match-up. Austin stood a better chance than Jones, but in the end he was against a guy who puts up numbers consistently, and without him I don’t think Austin would be as good as he is. Romo moves on to the finals.

Championship Match-Up

Tony Romo vs. DeMarcus Ware

We now come to this point where the top offensive and defensive player square off to decide who is this year’s Dallas Cowboys Madden cover athlete. The way I look at this one is if these two were put up against each other in a game situation who would come out on top? Romo is very elusive, has a strong arm, and a quick release. Ware is crazy quick, powerful, and an all-around pain in the neck for any offense. I think Romo would get in his jabs, but in the end Ware would get the knockout. How can I go against D-Ware on this one? He is a beast and would make the perfect cover athlete for such a great game.

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