Who Should The Future Be Behind Tony Romo At Quarterback?

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Moore led the Broncos to an undefeated 14-0 record in 2009 as a sophomore, finishing 277-of-431 (64.3 percent) for 3,536 yards, 39 touchdowns and three interceptions (NCAA single-season record for lowest percent of passes intercepted, 0.7 percent), earning WAC offensive player of the year and First Team All-WAC honors.

He might have had his best season in 2010 as a junior, going 273-of-383 (71.3 percent) for a career-high 3,845 yards, 35 touchdowns and six interceptions, finishing fourth in the Heisman voting (first Bronco ever invited to the ceremony) and earning First Team All-American and All-WAC honors.

Moore returned in 2011 as a senior, finishing 326-of-439 (74.3 percent) for 3,800 yards, nine interceptions and a career-best 43 touchdowns, earning Mountain West offensive player of the year and First Team All-MWC honors. They can say what they want about his size or whatever,,, at the end of the day, it’s the W’s that everyone remembers. He has definitely logged plenty of them.(winningest QB in NCAA History) I will take an accurate guy every time over a Jemarcus Russel who can heave the ball in to the cheap seats, but can’t hit the broad side of a barn. BTW, these same experts said none of the guys I mentioned earlier would make it either.

This is where I get confused. Andrew Luck is projected as the 1st overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Just for fun, let’s do a comparison of Andrew Luck vs Kellen Moore, who is projected in the 5th to 6th round. Most fans and media personnel alike love to say, stats don’t matter, it’s winning championships.I am here to tell you that both are very important. However, keep that argument in mind, no matter how you prefer to look at it, because at the end of the day, it is impossible to dispute these findings.

"“Lets take a look at Moore first”"

G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating Att/G Yards/G
50 1659 1157 69.8 14683 8.85 132 28 169.14 29.5 293.66

“Now Lets take a look at Luck”

G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating Att/G Yards/G
38 1064 713 66.1 9424 8.88 82 22 161.06 28.0 248.0

Taking all of this in to consideration I have to ask. Why is a guy with less experience, (3 yr starter to 4 yr starter) lower career passer rating, (169.14-161.27) lower completion percentage, (69.78-66.1) higher INT percentage (132 TD’s- 28 picks, to 82 TD’s-22 picks) less wins, (50-31) and only 1 championship win as the starter in 2 appearances, compared to 3 wins in 4 appearances, projected 1st over all and the guy who is clearly the better quarterback in all categories projected 5th to 6th round? The only thing I can see is the knock on his size. or maybe the media just doesn’t like him much. This guy has all the traits I am looking for so I’ll tell ya what,

"“They can have their 1st overall pick, I’ll take my next Tom Brady in a later round.”"

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