Who Should The Future Be Behind Tony Romo At Quarterback?

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This is why it amazes me that he went completely unnoticed by the media at the NFL combine. All of the reporters flocked around Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. When a few reporters did find time to talk to him, not surprisingly, the first question thrown at Moore: So what did you measure in at?

"“I got to 6-feet, so you can let everyone know about that,” Moore said proudly. “Six-feet and a bunch of zeroes after that.”"

He went on to explain that he stopped growing around the ninth grade, but that didn’t stop him from leading the Broncos to a bunch of huge wins to include 3 bowl games. Size has been the big issue, drawing skepticism from the media and some NFL scouts. Moore said confidently,

"“I’m comfortable with it,” “I’m fine. It is what it is. You’re gonna get that opportunity and once you get it, it’s up to you.”"

I totally agree, because when Romo, Warner, Brady and the other players I mentioned got that opportunity, they showed everyone what they were really made of. The other knock on Moore is arm strength. I included a video of Moore because film doesn’t lie. Of course, his numbers don’t either. I am willing to bet he is by far the best QB in the draft, In fact all of the QB’s I wrote about earlier, especially the ones that completely busted, had the so called size and arm strength. After watching this video you will see for yourself that there is nothing wrong with this guys arm. As far as size goes, he is only 1/2″ shorter than Drew Brees. But even Brees didn’t have a 50-3 record in college.


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