Who Should The Future Be Behind Tony Romo At Quarterback?

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I could go back 20 years and these numbers wouldn’t change. In fact I can go back to the 1st NFL season ever and there is only 1 quarterback in NFL history that has a better career passer rating than Tony Romo. Gosh,, you will say he never won the big one, Well,,,, neither have any of these media hyped top 5 quarterbacks now have they? You will say he is not a leader,,, what have any of these guys done to prove they have done a better job? They didn’t win the big one either! You will say he is a choke artist, hmmm name one of these guys with a higher completion percentage or a lower interception percentage. Obviously all of the above mentioned QB’s who were in the playoffs (based on the general media/fan consensus) choked because they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Right?

The bottom line is,,, the media attacks Tony Romo because he has shown up their sure fire 1st overall pick quarterbacks, when they all said he wouldn’t make it. How would it look if they took shots at their own poster boys? Exactly. So,,, the medias so called experts need a scape goat to keep the focus off of their short comings in player analysis. My point is, looking at all these top ranked quarterbacks, and how they have translated in the NFL, are fans really stupid enough to give up tony and the future of this teams draft picks, on a gamble that these guys in the upcoming draft will do any better than the last 10 years of top quarterbacks? Gosh, I would hope not.

This brings me to phase 2 of this article. Who Is The Cowboys Future Behind Tony Romo At Quarterback? Jerry Jones has a habit of waiting until the last minute to address depth at a position. (Anthony Spencer) and usually ends up over paying an existing player or doing so in free agency. The team needs to start planning for the future now. Romo is 32 years old and has taken quite a beating over the last few years due to the black hole known as the offensive line. A QB needs a couple of years to develop in to an NFL style of offense. Tom Brady developed behind Drew Bledsoe, Aaron Rogers behind Brett Favre etc,

Unlike most,,, I don’t follow the media hype. I judge players by what I see on the field. If “everyone” listened to what these self proclaimed experts have to say,, guys like Drew Pearson, Cliff Harris, Nate Newton, Miles Austin, Tony Romo,(to name a few Cowboys), Kurt Warner, Warren Moon, Tom Brady, Joe Montana etc, never would have accomplished what they have. This brings me to my solution to the future at the quarterback position in Dallas. Granted, having the veteran Kyle Orton as a back up while we develop this guy makes sense.