Come on 49ers, Lions; Let’s make a Deal!

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As the draft approaches here in the next couple of weeks, The Cowboys are preparing for some changes that could improve this upcoming 2012 season that could put them over the top, as they could possibly move into the playoffs.

I have been carefully observing free agency to see what all the NFL teams have been doing this offseason. As they prepare to improve their teams just like the Cowboys have been doing as well. The Cowboys desperately need to improve that defense more than anything. And with the signings of Brandon Carr, Dan Connor, and Brodney Pool, they are inching a step closer.

As I simmer through the roster and depth chart, I remember Jerry Jones stating that they had to improve that front 7 to add more pressure to the quarterback if they wanted to succeed, and carry it over to the next level. Now of course this is just my personal opinion, But I really think these adjustments should be considered accordingly.

It all starts up front. Jay Ratliff was severely manhandled at Nose Tackle last season. Ratliff stands in at 6′-4″, 285 lbs., that is extremely small for a guy that takes on constant double teams. And even though Ratliff was named to his 4th straight Pro Bowl, he was only credited with 29 tackles, and 2 sacks. I think he was basically selected due on name recognition alone.

The problem with this whole scenario is that Ratliff signed an extended contract back in September 2011 for 5 years worth $40 million, with $18 million of that guaranteed. With Ratliff turning 31 before the 2012 begins, It is very doubtful that he will fulfill the contract. So I think if the Cowboys really want the most out of him, they should move him to Right Defensive End where he may, or may not be more effective.

Now I see alot of fans screaming at the Boys to select Nose Tackle Dontari Poe from Memphis with that #14 pick. But Poe’s problem is he tends to play well one week, disappear the next. And that is against Conference USA competition. We aren’t talking about SEC, ACC, BIG 10, or even Pac 12 players.

I came up with a theory after doing some research. And this is my own personal opinion, not something that has came from media sources, or Valley Ranch for that matter, but from me personally.

The Detroit Lions have a player by the name of Sammie Lee Hill, who happens to be a Restricted Free Agent. Hill, 25, will be going into his 4th year in the league with 15 starts under his belt. He is 6′-4″, 330 lbs. and had 24 tackles, 1.5 sacks in limited time behind Ndamukong Suh and Corey Williams in 2011. He had 3 starts with Suh’s suspension last season as well.

The part of this that really grabs my attention is that the Lions tendered Hill with only a 4th round pick. Coincidentally, the NFL rewarded the Cowboys with a 4th round selection ( 135th overall ) for the compensation loss of Stephen Bowen and Sam Hurd. And of course, the Boys also still have their original 4th round pick ( 113 overall ). This is something they should at least consider.

Now I want to throw a ” stumper ” out there at you if I may. Let’s just say the Cowboys go along with the plan I just suggested. They lose that 4th round pick. Now they have a much bigger Nose Tackle that is looking for a place in the league to start. Ratliff now moves over to Right End with Demarcus Ware just standing yards away from him. You go over to Defensive Left End where you have Jason Hatcher ( 28 tackles, 4.5 sacks in 2011 ) substituting with an up and coming Sean Lissemore ( 28 tackles, and 2 sacks in 2011 ), along with Kenyon Coleman, Marcus Spears, and Clifton Geathers.

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