Wednesday’s Words For Success – The Dallas Cowboys Combine Edition


It seems like almost four score and 65 years in the past that Abe Lincoln won the Civil War with his beard (and fought Chuck Norris in an epic rap battle), and the Giants won the Superbowl.  With the black hole of NFL news called February, I have turned to mindless searches of YouTube, purchased countless items off the Internet, and even read a book.  But now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  2012 draft eligible players are flooding into Indianapolis to showcase their physically prowess, football ability, and football IQ.

I started the ‘Words for Success’ this past year, right after the Dallas Cowboys surrendered a 24 point lead to the Detroit Lions.  I was at that game; my bachelor party in fact.  And I was too many Miller Lites deep to see the impending doom.  I watched the victory pigskin sail just short of Jason Witten’s hands to seal the game.  The ride home was miserable for everyone; the the gears in my mind turned and I created the Words For Success.

Players that earned their bacon, players that are bacon, and players that get wrapped by bacon ( I know, bacon makes everything better) make the list, and I offer small nothings about how I (and Cowboys Nation) feels they are doing/should do/ why didn’t you eat a snickers? There’s no reason to play literally hungry, Leon Lett.

But this time of year I don’t know which players at the combine to offer Words For Success to.  Instead, I will offer Words for the men in charge of picking these draft eligibles.  So without further ado, the return of Words for Success.

Stephen Jones, perhaps you have the hardest job out of everyone listed here today.  Your father is the well known JJ, and you are just the son that shares the spotlight. Personally, I think you are going to be a great GM/Owner one day, because when you inherit the Cowboys, you will hire yourself a GM.  You are a capologist genius.  This year was supposed to be cap hell for the Cowboys because of all the dead money, but instead we have almost 20 million to spend on free agents.  Your number crunching abacus should be adorned with Olympic gold medals in cap hurdles, because you’ve done an excellent job and because of that, we can continue to be competitive. Your scouts, coaches, and Jason Garrett will have an easier time at this combine and draft because they will have the ability to fill many holes in Free Agency, allowing us to go with a BPA strategy, the purest form of drafting.

Jerry Jones, the best thing you can do for your Dallas Cowboys is back the f*** up.  Jason Garett is a ‘football guy’, just like that coach that won you three Superbowls from the University of Miami. (Yes  I know Johnson only won two, and Switzer won the 3rd, but really… Johnson built that team. A monkey could have coached it to a Superbowl) And he has surrounded himself with a great crew. Let him, his scouts, and his coaches work and stay back.  You’re a barracuda in the water, always wanting to go after something shiny and flashy that will sell jerseys.  This year might be another year for a 1st round O-Lineman, and if it is, then that is okay; it’s for the good of the team.  The Dallas Cowboys will market themselves. You don’t need another shiny piece of jewelry causing you to bust your cap.

Jason Garrett, gong into this combine, I feel that the standardized IQ testing and interviews will be the most important part. You’ve done your homework on how strong everyone is, how fast, or how much production. But what you’re looking for is the Right Kind of Guy (RKOG).  You can’t determine that from strength, speed, and production.  I have a feeling that Mark Barron is going to strike you as that right kind of guy, and it just so happens he can fill a hole in your secondary.  My main advice, look at production.  This team doesn’t need potential. It’s had the “potential” to go to the Super Bowl for the past five years, and nothing has happened.  We need production, blue-collar workers that will get it done.  Save potential for your UFA’s.  Good Luck.

Dallas Cowboys, long time no see right?  You better be working with Dallas Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicek right now.  His six Super Bowl rings don’t lie.

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