I ntroduction:  Hello, I'm TV's Seth Jones. I ntroduction:  Hello, I'm TV's Seth Jones.

IPCQ: Player Spotlight, DeMarcus Ware.

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C onclusion:

DeMarcus is more than just a football player. He’s a pretty good guy. No, he doesn’t get worshiped by media and fans like Tim Tebow does. But he is a loving family man who is big into charity. I found some things that DeMarcus said regarding his views of family.

“As a man and a father, you want the responsibility of being somebody’s rock, that person they know they can lean on, no matter what.”

“You want to be an example for your kids and instill in them the kinds of things that they need to know to be successful in life. That responsibility is such a blessing. I love it.”

Also, “Sometimes, when you don’t have that dad in your life, you feel disconnected. It’s like you don’t know everything about your past or why you act the way you act or why you do the things you do.”

With all of the play boy jackass immoral millionaire fodder that professional sports seem to manufacture by the truck load, DeMarcus’ focus on his family and the love that he has for them is probably his greatest trait. To me, that makes his easier to cheer for than the remarkable number of sacks that he seems to come up with every year.

Will Jerry use DeMarcus as a heavy hitting trade weapon this year? Surely he can. He’s no Aaron Rodgers, but he pulls a high price. If the Cowboys trade Ware and improve the team, I’ll be happy. First and foremost, I’d like to see the Cowboys return to their glory days. I want wins stacked on wins and back-to-back Super Bowls. However, if or when DeMarcus Ware is traded, there will be nothing but gratitude and respect from me. Any man who loves their family that much is okay in my book. And if DeMarcus kills someone, I will forgive him immediately. Damn. I should have ended this article in a professional manner, instead of fouling the end with a stupid comment. Well, I’m too lazy to backspace. So there it is. Later, you hosers!

Q uickly Now…

– Who watched the Golden Globes? I watched about 20 minutes. Good…Lord… Is there a more snooty event? It is so easy to tell that MOST of those people (not all) believe that anyone who isn’t a highly paid actor is absolute trash. Also, I think the purpose of award shows is for celebrities to confirm to the world that they do NOT speak with southern accents.

– The Giants beat the Packers with relative ease. I am NOT surprised. I’ve said it before: The Giants are GOOD. Don’t be surprised if they end up winning the Super Bowl by 10 or more points.

– Hey Dallas sports fans, guess what? The Mavericks are good again. Don’t act astonished. We still have Marion, Kidd, Terry, and Dirk. What did you expect? Yes, we lost some good players, but as long as we keep that core, we have a chance.

– Have you ever heard Jack Ingram’s version of the national anthem? It is the best version of it that I have ever heard. It is simple, he doesn’t over-sing it and try to make it about HIM. The guitar riff is also simple but it sounds purdy. Look it up on The YouTube!

– Someone needs to tell me of a musical artist who is good. I am having trouble find music that is good-good.

– I’m very excited about baseball season. The Rangers are looking like they are primed to make a 3rd straight World Series appearance. Hopefully we don’t become the Buffalo Bills of baseball…

– I like what guns have done for our country, but I don’t really understand people who “Shoot guns” for 4 hours. I’m not knocking it, I just really don’t understand it. Wouldn’t you whether dance or ride a horse? Or draw alien concept pictures? Or cook steaks?

– So who watched the Field Goal Bowl between Alabama and LSU? Yeah, I did too.. I’m sorry that you have to sit through that. Luckily we MAY have some sort of playoff team soon and we won’t have to see over-rated SEC teams in the championship game every year.

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