Disclaimer:  Warning - the following article may anger some, may please some, so read wi..."/> Disclaimer:  Warning - the following article may anger some, may please some, so read wi..."/>

Jerry Jones: Give America Our Team Back!


Disclaimer:  Warning – the following article may anger some, may please some, so read with caution.  The game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants Sunday night was over in the first two minutes.  The first two minutes?  How could you possibly say that?  The Cowboy offense took the field after receiving the opening kickoff and promptly went three and out.  That is how I knew it was over in the first two minutes.   You are playing one of your biggest rivals and you have playoff hopes on the line and you go three and out on the very first drive.  No desire, no heart, no fight.  It was over.

Something is very wrong within the Dallas Cowboys organization; it’s time we find out what it is.

Jerry Jones is driving America’s team into the ground and it is time to take it back.  I am beginning to think that all he cares about is money, winning a distant second, and the fans a far distant third.  The man is strong-willed and hard-headed, we know that much, but the first point of contention is that Jones fires and hires head coaches every two to three years.

Head Coaches for the Dallas Cowboys:

Tom Landry   1960 – 1988    Several Coach of the Year awards, many NFC championships, and two Super Bowl wins.  Reason behind the “America’s Team” moniker.

Head coaches since the abomination firing of Tom Landry:

Jimmy Johnson   1989 – 1993   Coach of the Year awards and two Super Bowl wins.

Barry Switzer   1994 – 1997   Super Bowl win with Jimmy Johnson players.

Chan Gailey   1998- 1999   Nothing

Dave Campo   2000 – 2002   Nothing

Bill Parcells   2003 – 2006   Nothing

Wade Phillips   2007 – 2010   Nothing

Jason Garrett   2010 – present   Nothing to date

These coaching change decisions that Jones has made, comes down to putting those three factors in order: money (head coach salaries), not winning (unless it earns him more money), and not the fans (unless they  quit lining his pockets.)  Can he not see that two-three years is NOT enough time to put a system into place?  With at least two of the head coaches, his micro-managing has cost him.

The second point of contention is that several players on the current team have continued to start/play game after game despite having average-to-poor performances.  It seems like those players who have been named “starter” have no worries as to their day-to-day status.  There is no one to push them, no one to challenge them, and heck, if the owner has already deemed you the starter, then NOTHING is going to change, barring injury.  Or unless he decides you do not need to play because a game is meaningless in his eyes.  Again, money, not winning, and not the fans dictate Jones’ starting player demands.

In the Philadelphia game, one week ago, Jones marched down from his suite and told Jason Garrett the what-was-going-to-happen-next request (see photo above.)  And bear in mind, this was not really a request, it was a command from on high.  Why did he not just call down from his majesty’s throne?  That gesture alone sent a bad message to the team that Garrett had no real authority to make even game time decisions.  More of the money being #1, not winning (the Eagles game now meant nothing since they had beat their opponent), and certainly not the fans (as long as they keep showing up…….)

The third point of contention is about pride and desire to beat any and every team they play.  I cannot say that I have seen a killer attitude out of this team, this season.  These players earn millions to play a game they “supposedly” love.  Why would you not have pride in going out and giving it your all each and every game of the season?  Momentum is key as well and going into the last few games of the season is very important.  The team was on a three-out-of-four game losing streak already.  Momentum was not really on their side.  The players entered this game upset and dejected and not in a good way.  As Vince Lombardi used to say,

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence."

The last point of contention is that the fans are the ones who truly suffer from Jerry’s decisions and greediness.  The Eagles game was a great example.  There were 84k plus die-hard fans who came to the game that Christmas Eve night.  These fans made major sacrifices to watch the game and not just financial.  Fans come to see their team win, at any cost.  The Cowboys and (especially) Jerry Jones owe the fans the decency to put their best team forward allowing the fans at least the opportunity to see a win and experience an entertaining game.

My final thought is that eventually, no matter how much the fans love the Cowboys, one day there will be a breaking point.  When you are winning it’s one thing; but when a mediocre product is put out on the field and winning comes secondary to the bottom line, eventually the exorbitant costs associated with attending a game will become too much for most fans to bear.  Give America it’s team back Jerry Jones!  Quit making it all about you and get back to the business of winning.

Tom Landry is spinning in his grave.

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