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How Will the Cowboys Rebound from a Tough Loss?


It is almost time for kick-off. Before you get ready to watch the game, we have one more question from you, our faithful readers. Luckily this question did not cause any heated disputes between the writers, so all issues regarding the appropriateness of an old-fashioned public flogging can be left for another day.

"Ben, San Antonio: How will the cowboys get past a tough loss  like this that they suffered vs giants?"

Seth Jones: Garrett has everyone convinced that 24 hours is enough time to reflect on the previous game. I truly believe that every player is completely focused on 2 things, and 2 things only. 1: Preparing for Tampa Bay. And 2: Finding a new girl to ‘party with’ with after the game. They are professionals, after all. 

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Johnathan Barger: The Cowboys will get past this tough loss because they have the right type of guys.  They have basically had two tough losses in a row due to last second timeouts. In both of those games, they should never have been in the position in the first place, but this is the NFL and anything goes. Rob Ryan is his own biggest critic, and even though he’s still jabbering, he wants to be a head coach. He has acknowledged that there is a problem with his system being too complicated too soon, and he says it’s been fixed.  He knows there are communication problems in the secondary, and he says that it’s been fixed.  We just have to take him at his word. I personally think the problem is Dave Campo as the secondary coach, but that’s just me.

Todd Toombs: Jason Garrett still has a lot of growing to do as a coach.  But, one thing he is already good at is getting the team to put what happened the week before – win or lose – behind them.  They will be focused on nothing but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and what should be a fairly easy win.  They still believe their playoff destiny is in their own hands and Garrett’s take it one day at a time and be the best you can be today approach will benefit the team after an agonizing loss to the Giants.  I’m not too concerned about the team’s psyche or confidence – unless against Tampa Bay they are ahead by 12-14 points in the 4th quarter and need the defense to close the deal.  If Tampa Bay mounts any kind of a comeback, then the “here we go again” doubts will start to creep in.  At that stage, players tend to over think the situation instead of playing instinctively.  This season more than usual the Cowboys seem to play down to their competition so that concerns me.  If they lose to Tampa Bay and eliminate any playoff consideration, that is when I would worry about the team’s mental state.

C. Joseph Wright: I think there are several answers to this question. First, Garrett has a one day policy when it comes to evaluating and reviewing any game, so hopefully that mind-set wears off on the players. Second, they will be focused on thrashing Tampa. Third, actually thrashing TB should erase the memory. Fourth, they should be focusing on how they still control their own destiny. That being said, I think they need to remember what happened against the Giants so as to prevent it from happening again.

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