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Rob Ryan, Your Defense Sucks!


Let me repeat that in case it’s edited – Rob Ryan, your defense SUCKS!  Don’t think so?  Let me use just one stat:  Only 2 times in Dallas Cowboys history have the Cowboys lost a game when leading by 12 points or more in the 4th quarter – This year 3 TIMES! –  One more time for emphasis… 3 times just this year!  For this game’s suckage, pick your poison –  DeMarcus Ware’s two offsides at extremely critical points –  Frank Walker’s holding penalty – Giants receivers wide open way down field – or – The final score of this freakin game!  And, I’m sure I’m missing something.

To be fair, I’ll throw in Romo missing a wide open Miles Austin that would have sealed the win.  It’s Miles first game back and these two had timing issues on most of the few passes thrown to Miles.  No excuse!  You get paid millions of dollars to make that play.  Make It!

Maybe some of our defensive players are not half as good as we’ve been led to believe.  Perhaps It’s not Rob Ryan’s fault at all.  It may be our talent evaluation. I can believe that, judging by what I’ve seen, even under Wade Phillips.  Regardless, it’s Rob’s defense now and it sucks.

Why are we constantly falling apart?  Why do we have sooo many holes?  This is the Dallas- freakin– Cowboys!  For God’s sake, what is up!?  Jerry Jones, Hey! You are wasting the talents of many players on this team.  Rob Ryan does not seem to be the answer.  Jason Garrett may be the answer at some point, but not right now.  Right now, this year and maybe next, is all some of these players have to make their mark and get a much deserved Superbowl trip.  Put them out of their misery and let them go to a team that has a freakin plan to get somewhere!  Cowboys Nation has a collective heart attack every week.  If  this team continues down this road, you will have as many empty seats in Jerry World as Jacksonville.

I’ve seen this before.  The last 5 or 6 years of the Tom Landry era.  It took a new owner, blowing up the team and starting from scratch (keeping Michael Irvin) to get back.  Do we need to just do that again?

Now for this weeks  POINTS and OBSERVATIONS:

-Rob Ryan’s defense sucks!

-I love Tony Romo, but he may really be becoming Danny White after all.

-Strike that, instead I will say this with complete assurance:  If Tony Romo was a New York Jet, he would have already won a Superbowl.

-Icing Dan Bailey seems to work and everyone we play will do it until it doesn’t.

-It’s an unofficial stat, but constant ‘brain farts’ means it’s a good chance your team is not very good.

-Rob Ryan’s defense Sucks…wait, did I say that already?

-Mike Jenkins is made of glass.

-In the slow motion replay of  DeMarco Murray’s injury, his foot did a 180 degree turn.  Nasty!  I knew (and it was confirmed) it was probably season ending (kinda like this game).  He had a good shot at Rookie of the Year.  Let’s all take a moment and pray that it heals well and he can come back next year.

-Have you seen an old movie called ‘BRUBAKER’?  It stars Robert Redford as a new prison warden.  There is a scene where Redford discovers  torture device’s that the old warden used on the prisoners and he is so tweaked by whats been going on that he uses one of the devices, a shock device, over and over again on himself.  Torturing himself, punishing himself and trying to wrap his mind around whats been going on at the same time.   I call it ‘Brubakering’.  You’ll have to see the movie – that scene – to understand, but (to me) that’s what it feels like every time the Cowboys lose this year.

-Make no mistake, this was a playoff game and we lost.  We went from being the 4th seed to being out altogether, if the season ended today.  If the Cowboys make the playoffs, I’ll print this article out and eat it.

-Here is a scary thought (but possibly a reality):  We just may have played the very best we could and gave it all we got.  Maybe this is as good as this team can be.

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