For a true fan, it’s never too early to speculate (or drool) over the 2012 draft prospe..."/> For a true fan, it’s never too early to speculate (or drool) over the 2012 draft prospe..."/>

2012 “Damaged Goods” NFL Draft Prospect: Bye Dez, Hi Ryan Broyles!


For a true fan, it’s never too early to speculate (or drool) over the 2012 draft prospects that could be called up to wear the Star. It is too soon to deem the 2010 class a failure, but as much as it might pain some people to hear this, I don’t think Dez Bryant will stay in Dallas long. He’s saying all the right things to the media, although I don’t feel that those are his words.  I feel that’s what he’s been coached and told to say.  Maybe all of his problems with sagging pants and expensive jewelry bills are behind him, but how many sideline raves are we going to endure before Coach Garrett grabs him by the face mask, looks him in the eye and gives him The Ultimatum: Act right, or get out.

We have seen through Garrett’s press conferences and interviews exactly what he is trying to accomplish with his team.  He wants the “right” type of players.  Take for example David Arkin and Shaun Chapas. Both have been perceived by former coaches, players, and scouts to be “old fashioned” football players.  They might not be the biggest, strongest, or fastest; but they are mentally tough, don’t quit, and love the game of football. They do the little things right, and eventually those “little things” that are involved with preparation will combine with strength due to Mike Woicik’s program and they will be  great, dependable football players.  I haven’t heard of any problems with these two showing up on time, missing meetings or rehab sessions, or walking around a Dallas area mall with sagging pants and causing trouble with local police.

Jerry Jones likes the “shiny” pick, the flashy pick that sells jerseys, but that’s not always the best option to build a team around.  I don’t think that if Garrett had full control of the 2010 draft that Dez Bryant would be wearing The Star. Yes, he is an amazing athlete. Yes, his physical ability makes him one of the most dangerous players on the field no matter whom else is on the field with him. But for some reason this new receiver named Laurent Robinson has come in and showed superior chemistry with Romo, and superior knowledge of the play-book.  This is inexcusable as a professional athlete.

With recent success in the draft with picking up “damaged goods” in Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, I’m going to make a case for a possible late 1st, or early 2nd round pick that will also be tarnished due to injury.  One of the main reasons the Oklahoma Sooners were such a dangerous team was due to the presence of Ryan Broyles.  Expected to be a top 10 pick (just like Sean Lee and Bruce Carter before injuries), his ACL tear will drop his draft status immensely.  This kid has shown work ethic, and Jerry Jones is still close with Barry Switzer, a former head coach for the OU Sooners and Super Bowl wining coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

Barry Switzer has Jerry Jones’ ear, as evident by the pickup of DeMarco Murray.  I believe that if Dez continues to show that he cannot be relied on to maintain superior conditioning, have proficient knowledge of the play-book, and generate immense chemistry with Tony Romo over these next five games, and continue that into the post-season, I can see Garrett drafting Broyles to either light a fire under Dez Bryant, or eventually replace him.  Dez could even be trade bait. The benefit of drafting Broyles after this ACL tear is that we will be getting a top 10 talent for a late 1st round, possibly early 2nd round pick.  Additionally, with three proven receivers in Dez, Miles, and Laurent, if Broyles cannot contribute much his first season, the team will not put in a bad position due to receiver depth.

I hope Dez can prove my perception of him wrong.  But I haven’t seen enough production for all of the trouble he’s caused.  Throwing temper tantrums on the sidelines is unprofessional, unwarranted, and shows quite a bit about his (lack of) character.  Maybe he can grow up quick, and prove me wrong.  I hope I am wrong for the sake of my favorite team.  His production, attitude, and how he finishes the season will determine Garrett’s draft plan.  As a lifelong Texas Longhorn fan, I know what Broyles is capable of, and I would love to have that down field threat wearing the star and punishing the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles twice a year.

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