Cowboys vs. Bills Preview: Behind Enemy Lines With


One of the great things about working at The Landry Hat, and the Fansided Sports Network, is our access to different experts. Since our network has a site for every NFL team, I’d thought I’d get an insider’s take on the upcoming Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills game from “behind enemy lines”. Therefore, I present these six in-depth questions with the Editor of our Buffalo Bill’s blog, Buffalowdown, Brad Andrews. ( A big thank you to Brad for taking the time to answer these questions just for our fans!)

1. After starting the season red hot at 4-1, the Bills have dropped two of their last three games. Why have they cooled down?

BA: There’s a few reasons. The Jets and Giants are both pretty good, for one. Two, the Bills have really been hurt by injuries with starters DT Kyle Williams, LB Shawne Merriman, WR Donald Jones, LT Demetrius Bell all going down to injury along with quite a few subs. The Bills aren’t a deep team at all, and the Bills might simply be running out of bodies. Third, Buffalo simply isn’t all that talented compared to a lot of NFL teams. The Bills survived on good execution and guts in the first half, but opposing teams might be figuring them out now that there’s a lot of film on them.

2. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick really a franchise quarterback?

BA: Excellent question. We’re wondering the same thing here in Western New York. Fitz has all the intangibles you could possibly want, and his teammates love him…but he just might not be accurate enough to be an elite NFL QB. He seems to make three or four terrible throws a game, and his INT totals are starting to climb as a result. Tough to win a lot of games if your QB is turning it over three times a game and can’t make tough throws on third down.

3. Whatever happened to C.J. Spiller?

BA: Fred Jackson. Buffalo’s star running back has been so good this season Chan Gailey simply can’t justify taking him off the field. This isn’t even me being a homer: Jackson would be a serious candidate for MVP if not for Aaron Rodgers, who is easily going to win the award. Jackson’s pretty impressive stats through eight games (803 yards rushing, 391 yards receiving, six TD) don’t even tell the whole story. He breaks about five tackles on seemingly every play, catches everything thrown his way, and he is tremendous picking up the blitz. Poor C., J. has actually looked pretty good when he’s gotten a chance this year, but Jackson’s amazing play has kept Spiller on the bench. In an effort to get Spiller on the field, the Bills have actually played him at wide receiver quite a bit in recent weeks.

4. Does Coach Chan Gailey want revenge against his old team and is he using that as motivation?

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sticking to old Double J…but I doubt that’s a big motivator this weekend, especially since Jerry Jones has publicly said he shouldn’t have fired Gailey. I think it was long enough ago that Gailey is over it. The biggest motivation I’m sure is that the Bills REALLY need this game if they’re going to hang around the playoff race.

5. What would Cowboy fans be surprised to find out about the Buffalo Bill’s defense?

BA: How good safety George Wilson is. Wilson has been a maniac this year, ranking eighth in the league with 71 tackles while also picking off four passes. The former undrafted rookie wide receiver is one of the league’s great rags-to-riches stories, toiling on the Bills’ practice squad and special teams units for years before finally getting the full-time job as a starting safety this year. He’s certainly made the most of it. Also keep an eye on rookie DL Marcell Dareus. He’s really come on in recent weeks and is starting to live up to the production expected of a #3 overall draft pick.

6. Your prediction for Sunday’s game?

BA: Tough one for me, as I honestly think it’s up to the Cowboys. They’re the more talented team, and if Romo is playing well I don’t think the Bills can keep up. But who knows with this Dallas team? I’ll say Cowboys win 24-20, but I obviously wouldn’t mind being wrong.

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