Dallas Cowboys Win…Kicking and Screaming


Whew!… Give me a minute, I gotta catch my breath. Here we went again, somewhere between thrilling and frustrating for the 3rd straight week, coming out on top for the 2nd time. Our Dallas Cowboys ground out an 18-16 win against a typically tough Washington Redskins team despite playing an uglier game than last week at San Francisco.

Dan Bailey Kicked (like Rafael Septien) and Tony ‘ribs‘ Romo screamed (at his players, not in pain). The Cowboy’s wide receivers and center Phil Costa qued the circus music. With equal parts gritty-talented play and embarrassing-mistake filled play, it was a true team effort.

When the Cowboys win ugly, though, you can’t help but have mixed emotions. The wins are great but the problems are glaring — Our running game sucks, for instance. Don’t be fooled by Felix Jones performance. I’m not taking away his big gains last night,  it’s just he and the rest of the backs have no lanes to run through and usually average about 2 yards a carry.

It would be wishful thinking to believe we will win all these close, error filled, games.

And the Cowboys haven’t put a whoopin’ on anyone in a long time. Every game is a dog fight. Is it League parity? Is this simply (this year anyway) because of injuries? Or is it indicative of something more —  like the talent isn’t really there or maybe Jason Garrett’s offensive scheme isn’t working? (Rob Ryan’s defensive scheme seems to be working fine) Why can’t we fire on all cylinders, like the Patriots or the Packers or the 2007 Cowboys, at least some of the time?

These are the questions that linger in the wee hours of the morning lately, even after a win.

Until these questions get answered (if they ever do), A win is a win and — as I said last week — I’ll take it.

There is much to like in what I see this year. The Dallas Cowboys are 2 – 1 and tied atop the division, albeit with the Redskins and the Giants. We are winning games we would have lost last year. Best of all, right before our eyes, Tony Romo has transformed into the unquestioned leader of this football team. A Coach and a General on the field, very (Peyton) Manning-esque. (OK, not yet). Real culture change is taking place in Dallas. No excuses, no quit and a bad ass defense

All of Cowboys Nation should rejoice.

As for me, I’m going to renew my gym membership and get in better shape. Why? Because the Cowboys have 13 more games this season and if Romo and Company are gonna play anything like the last 3, I’m gonna have a heart attack.

This weeks Points and Observations :

It was extra special that the play of the game –Tony Romo’s 30 yard pass to Dez Bryant on 3rd and 21– was against DeAngelo Hall, he of the ‘I’m gonna target Tony’s ribs‘ comment (with the 15 yard facemask icing on the cake)

It seems that Costa’s snap misques were due in part to the Redskins mimicking the cadence. Is that legal? It’s definitely dirty. I don’t put that past a Shanahan coached team. For years the Shanahan coached Denver Broncos were notorious dirty players along the offensive and defensive lines.

The Cowboys can’t seem to lose the circus music

Tashard Choice, what is up with you? For that matter what the hell is up with Kevin Ogletree? Hasn’t he been in our system for a couple years now?

Martellus Bennett needs to go away. What an absolute waste of a roster spot.

The team keeps saying they like DeMarco Murray’s progress…I don’t see it

I did see Abe Elam. Glad to have him back. Wonder where he’s been.

Terence Newman is a gamer and I’m so glad he’s back on the field.

Did anyone see Rex Grossman’s post game press conference? Despite his best effort, he came off like a kid, a 14 year old kid.

I would be more worried about the Detroit Lions if they had lost to Minnesota.

Lastly. Did you see ESPN’s  post game show where Steve Young (who played with broken ribs) and Trent Dilfer were in complete disagreement with Rick Riley on whether or not Tony Romo should be playing with his injury? What was that? Riley was trying to intimate that Romo’s cough was a symptom of a much more serious injury than the Cowboys are letting on. Awkward TV moment — and now my over-thinking mind is hoping that Romo isn’t doing any permanent physical damage to himself.  And why isn’t Romo complaining like Michael Vick is?

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