What I am Looking Forward Too In The Cowboys vs. 49ers Game!!!


Offense – Tony Romo: Can Romo play a complete game and eliminate the costly turnovers? That is the big question going into this game. Romo looked great for 3 ½ quarters against the Jets, however the 4th quarter Romo fell apart and had 2 very costly turnover. We need a strong performance from Romo. I am looking for Romo to have a 300 yard passing game and at least 2 turnovers.

  Dez Bryant: Can Dez play and if he does can he play an entire game? I was one person who on Sunday night was wondering why Dez was out there when it looked as though he couldn’t even run. Dez came out looking great and was showing those signs of really busting out and then he hurt his quad and wasn’t the same. If Dez plays I am looking for a 70 yard receiving game with a touchdown, and I am looking for Dez to be no where near the ball on punts!

Felix Jones: Can Jones have a break out game? At times last week Jones look like a starter and then there were times where he looked like he was looking for Marion Barber to come in and pick it up for him. Jones needs to have a bigger presence in the red zone, had our run game been better Sunday night Romo may not have had the ball to fumble in the first place. I am looking for 85 yards and a touchdown for Jones and a little bit more toughness from him.

Tyron Smith: Can he keep Romo up right? At times during the Jets game Smith looked like a rookie and there were times he looked very good. We are going to need a solid performance from him this week, because lets be honest Romo spent way to much time on the ground last week. Yes, I know that was the Jets and this is the 49ers but still I want to see him dominate this game on the line. I am looking for a dominate performance from him and I am hoping to only hear his name if the announcer are praising him.


 Mike Jenkins: Can he stay healthy long enough for me to have anything to look? Every time I looked up on Sunday night Jenkins was off the field receiving treatment and when he did play I was not all that impressed with him. Jenkins has to step it up because it sounds like there will be no Terrance Newman or Orlando Scandrick. I am looking for Jenkins to actually stay on the field and for him to actually play a role in this game. The 49ers offense should be a walk in the park compared to the Jets!

Sean Lee: Was last week’s game a fluke or can he really be that good? Lee was all over the field in Sunday night’s game and it looked as though Ryan made a good call playing him over Brookings. But was that the real Sean Lee or is he about to come back to earth? I think Lee is for real and I love him as a player. I am looking for him to be all over the field again and I see him getting at least one sack in this game.

Rob Ryan: Was that the defense we will see all year or should we be expecting a let down? The Cowboys defense looked good and at times great on Sunday night and they were the reason that the Cowboys were still winning even when the offense stalled at time. Ryan called a good game and the defense out played the Jets all night long and deserved the win. I am looking for Ryan to do exactly like he did last week; I want the 49ers to see Ware more times in their backfield than Frank Gore.

The thing I am most looking forward to is Romo and can he actually be the big game guy we need. Romo is the Jackal and Hyde that every fan hates, he can be so good at times and then the next drive look like he is completely lost. He needs to have a turnover free game and have better leadership on the field, we can not afford the penalties that we had last game.