With all playoff aspirations clearly out the window it seems we can start to focus a bit ..."/> With all playoff aspirations clearly out the window it seems we can start to focus a bit ..."/>

Missing Pieces: Cowboys With Some Holes To Fill


With all playoff aspirations clearly out the window it seems we can start to focus a bit of our attention on next year.  We obviously have some upgrades that need to be made and I hope that there is a real sound plan going into the draft.  I say that because the last couple of drafts have left me with a little something to be desired.  I think the main thing we have lacked in those drafts is any semblance of talent and that seems to be a pretty serious problem.

Maybe I am a bit to pessimistic but I stand by my statement that as a whole we have not done too hot of a job picking good players in the draft and or in free agency.   I think what we have learned is our talent is not deep enough to where we can take fliers on the likes of Jason Williams and Pac Man Jones.  I am no talent evaluator myself but I can see when a position is being outclassed on a weekly basis.  With that being said, let me begin:

Offensive Line:

I think that it has become glaringly obvious that this group is not going to work going forward.  I think we tried to replace one piece in Flozell and hoped the rest cold hold serve in the mean time.  I think due to our lack of talent drafted recently, sad free agent classes and virtually no development by the young guys has left our cupboards frighteningly bare.  I think one thing any knowledgeable football fan can agree with is that games are won in the trenches.  I think a prime example of a way to build a team would be the NY Jets.  Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson being drafted in 2006 has made that team what it is today.  I really think that Doug Free is a good start.  I don’t have enough time to start in on the failures Gurode, Columbo and whoever may be filling it at guard during any given week. I believe we should trade down and stock up on draft picks and get a few big bodies in the door and maybe try and find a middle of the road lineman with some upside in free agency.  That’s my opinion but what do you think?.  Do we clean house and start from scratch or stick with what we got?


One of the most painful things for me this year has been watching the secondary run aimlessly around like Pop Warner kids during their first day at practice. I really believe we have some young talent back there with Jenkins and Sensabaugh and in the long run I think those two will work out.  Terrance Newman is a crusty old man and can’t stay healthy.  He cost a lot but if we had someone to spell him for a bit each game I think that would do him wonders.  Please spend some money and go get someone.  I have a lot more faith spending money in the secondary than most anywhere else considering our team needs.  Aging linemen, NO THANKS!  It appears to me we need a safety that can play.  That really seems like a fairly obvious statement but how many times have we watched a receive slip into space with no safety help due to terrible positioning?  Seems like a lot to me.  Watching that garbage makes me endlessly furious.  Should we stick with what we have and see how our young guys develop or take a different route?


I personally like Garrett as the head coach.  I think that he has the in game management skills and discipline I think it takes to run a good team.  Everyone hated Wade Phillips and thought he was terrible.  I admit I thought he was terrible to but when push comes to shove the player moves or lack there of management was making sure seemed a bit questionable.  Last off season I found it a bit odd that we were making essentially no moves.  Maybe I missed something but the 2009 season sure didn’t seem like it ended on a high note.  Some glaring problems seemed to come to light at seasons end.  Yet management sits back, does nothing, and expects better results.  Being a year older in the NFL is a big deal and the GM (Jerry) made no efforts to take that into account and make some moves.  I’m not sure exactly what it will take or what exactly needs to be done.  I only ask that we bring in some serious talent evaluators with some serious skills and go get some guys.  No real fan at the end of the day needs a sexy name.  We want wins.  End of story.  Does anyone else feel like Jerry needs some help?

I for one look at our roster and see a winner.  I see a team that can compete.  The Cowboys just need to go out and look real hard at some players this off season and make some sound choices.  I truly believe we can make some additions and be a legitimate contender next season.  Let’s see what the young guys can do the remainder of this season and then beat the bushes in the off season add some talent and turn this thing around.