If I Owned The Dallas Cowboys….


The Dallas Cowboys missed the playoffs. There’s no reason to harp on it. We’ll take our lumps and move on. But this is really embarrassing.

Let’s just assume Jerry Jones‘ word is true and he will not fire head coach Wade Phillips or offensive coordinator Jason Garrett this year after one of the most disappointing seasons in Dallas Cowboys history (I hoped I really hit the historical significance of this 9-7 team even as I write this before the Eagles-Cowboys game, now 44-3, is over.)

Personally, Phillips needs to be fired and Jason Garrett should be strongly considered for the chopping block, but let’s just play Jerry Jones’ little game.

What do the Cowboys need to do to get back to their playoff dominance? If I were the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, here are the things I would consider:

  1. Trade Marion Barber.
  • I would have sharply criticized any person for making any kind of statement like this, but it was before we saw very promising play from two rookie running backs. Marion Barber is not a running back who can last the entire game. He’s never hit more than 1000 yards in a season. But there are a lot of teams who would give a good price for him, and I do not think the Cowboys would lose much offensively if they did trade him for a No. 1 draft pick, some secondary help and some key position players.  We do not have a No. 1 pick in the 2009 draft because of a horrible decision by our current owner, but we need one. The Cowboys needs a young receiver and Michael Crabtree is the best. The Cowboys also need a young quarterback who can come in right away and challenge Tony Romo for his starting job. There are a few guys who will be available who might fit that role.

2. Part ways with Terrell Owens.

  • Owens is getting old, and it has more to do with his age than his antics, but that cannot be overlooked in the decision to either trade or cut Owens. The Cowboys can focus on Roy Williams as the new top receiver and wait until Anquan Boldin is a free agent for the next free agent pick up.

3. Consider trading Tony Romo to New York Jets or Tampa Bay Buccaneers if Cowboys can acquire Matt Cassell.

  • I touched on this in No. 1 but the Dallas Cowboys need a backup quarterback and it has to be someone who can almost immediately scare Tony Romo. Romo will forever be remembered for being the Cowboys quarterback surrounded by great talent who could never win the big games. He just fails in December, and it is so predictable that we could probably make good money betting on the Cowboys slumping this time of year. I am not sure who is the best young option to bring in as a back up, but the Cowboys could certainly consider Matt Cassell to come in and play right away. Tony Romo can be traded and I think the Tampa Bay Bucs and the New York Jets will be looking to pay big bucks for the likes of Romo.

4. I would do whatever it takes to bring in Bill Cowher.

  • Long shot. But I would try very very hard.

5. Build around DeMarcus Ware.

  • Continue to improve the defense through the draft. Build the strongest defense possible through the draft and try to avoid free agency. Allow Ware and some of the other veterans to take some of these kids under their wings and build a stellar package of players.

Some of you may think I am just angry about the loss. But really, I am not. I was not shocked by what happened. You may think these are drastic moves for a fan who cannot handle defeat. But the incredible talent on the Dallas Cowboys isn’t cutting it. As we see teams like the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons head to the playoffs, the Cowboys should focus on thinning out some of the ego and “talent” and bring in position players who can challenge the stars we do keep on this team. Build around DeMarcus Ware, not Tony Romo.