NFL Power Rankings: Week 16


By James Masse aka Ironman

#+/- TeamComment
1Pittsburgh SteelersWith the Titans and Giants faltering in December, the Steelers have become the elite team in the NFL
Carolina Panthers
The Panthers have a good defense, a very good passing attack and a great running game, which are the exact ingredients you need for a December run

Tennessee TitansThe Titans lost to a non playoff contender, which is something a champion cannot do in December   

Dallas CowboysThe Cowboys manhandled the Giants on Sunday night for all to see! It’s funny that the Giants look like last year’s Cowboys, and the Cowboys look like last year’s Giants. I’ll take 11-5 and a ring any day!.
5+2New York GiantsThe Giants have lost back-to-back division games. They better pull it together before the playoffs. Could the “champs” pull a “one and done” in the playoffs?
Indianapolis ColtsThe Colts are riding a leagues best seven game winning streak into the post season and no one is really noticing it this time. Scary
Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens have to watch their backs because a loss to the Cowboys can knock them behind the Dolphins and Patriots in the wildcard race

8+4Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons are about a lock for a playoff spot now that Jeff Garcia is out with a calf injury
Miami DolphinsThe Dolphins have a serious shot at the playoffs, especially with all of the former Cowboys players and coaches they have
10+3New York JetsThe Jets and Dolphins game could prove to be the biggest game of both teams season
11-1Minnesota VikingsThe Viking look like the real deal since switching QB’s. Is that the case or are the Cadinals just bad in an even worse division?   

Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe Buccaneers chose a bad time to play at a low level
New England PatriotsI think the Patriots are a good team, but I think the Jets and Dolphins are just a little bit better
14-3Philadelphia EaglesThe Eagles look like they could muscle their way into the playoff, unless the Cowboys of Sunday night show up in Philly   

15+4Chicago BearsThe Bears are holding on for dear life. The Vikings could slip up with a very tough remaining schedule
16Denver BroncosI am rooting for the Chargers to get in, because if it weren’t for the blown call this team wouldn’t be able to limp in
Arizona CardinalsIt is unfair that this team gets in and either the Eagles, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Bears or Falcons will miss. This team could go 6-10 and still get in… the NFL should do something about this!!!!!
18Houston TexansThe Texans can beat anyone in the league if they play like they did this weekend. This team could be something else next year. Uh oh, we said that last year.
New Orleans SaintsDepending on what happens in the next two weeks, the Saints could be the best team to miss the playoffs

20Washington Redskins 

The Redskins looked like a hockey team trying to play football. I was actually embarrassed for the Redskins fans. I will sure be rooting for them on Sunday!!! Scalp those Eagles!!


21Buffalo BillsThe Bills  blew it on Sunday. In fact, they’ve been blowing it for the past six weeks
San Diego Chargers   The Chargers could creep in!!! No? Yeah? Probably not

23+1Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars should throw the rest of its games so they can draft an offensive weapon that does not come out of the backfield
24-2San Fransisco 49ers
The 49ers are playing their final opponents very tough! It doesn’t mean anything, but at least they aren’t the Rams

Green Bay PackersThis team is so disappointing. Aaron Rodgers has played well, but no one else really has
26-1Cleaveland BrownsWe appreciate the effort against the Eagles Monday night. Not. That was pathetic
27Cincinatti BengalsGo Bengals!!!!! For such a bad team, they really gave the entire NFC East a run for their money. They almost beat the Cowboys, they took the Giants into overtime, they tied the Eagles and they embarrassed the Redskins
28-2Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs had this game in the bag. Oh well, there is aways next year
Seattle SeahawksThe Seahawks actually looked good last week!
30-2Oakland RaidersIt is very possible these guys have losing seasons until Al Davis is buried
31Detroit LionsThey have a serious chance of winning the rest of their games. I’m rooting for them

St. Louis RamsThe Rams are in serious trouble. They really don’t have much to build around