Dallas Cowboys Playing Uninspired Football


When the dust settles from the loss to the Arizona Cardinals, there still is hope that the Dallas Cowboys can make it to the playoffs and win one.

On a night when quarterback Tony Romo fumbled the ball five times, including one the refs completely blew that would have wrapped up the game for the Cards in regulation, he still threw for more than 300 yards and three touchdowns. He has already thrown more 300 yard games than any Cowboy in the history of the franchise, and yet Romo still has to hang his head low because he can stink up the place so bad. But, on this instance, on this night that now has everyone believing the Cardinals are one of the NFC’s elite (Did anyone remember they gave up 50 points to the NY Jets in a blow out loss?) the loss may not have been Romo’s fault. He just contributed to it. Someone give this kid a clutch, please?

The offensive line must have gone out on the town Saturday night in Arizona, how else could you explain the shoddy blocking? Romo couldn’t find an open Terrell Owens, and that’s the coaches’ fault for the play calling. Watching the game tape is hard, because the defense, minus a few horrible plays in the secondary, (Anthony Henry to name one), had one of its best outings. Sort of. After the Cowboys tied it up, the secondary faltered and allowed the Cards to take over the game. 

Three bad games in a row. 1-2. This is getting scary.

The long field goal at the end was no cherry. It was a gimme by the refs who blew a Romo fumble earlier in the game. And let it be known folks that the Cardinals didn’t need to block that punt to win this game in overtime. The Cowboys were booting the ball from their own 4 yard line. It didn’t matter. A great punt was going to give the Cardinals the ball with terrific field position, with only between 5 and 20 yards needed to kick a game-winning field goal. How the Cowboys loss was even better for this team that is playing some uninspired football.

The comeback you say? That was inspired football, right? Come on, Landry Hat, how can you say the Cowboys are playing uninspired football? Well, to start, just look at their quarterback, who when the Cowboys were about to lose the game, Romo was on the sidelines joking around with Jason Witten. Witten wanted none of it. Hey, maybe this is all a play, an Oscar-performance from the entire team, to not break out of the gates hot, and try to bring the steam later in the season. That sort of unorthodox thinking might bode the Cowboys well considering they haven’t done squat in a December since 1995. 

Who wanted to win that game? Well, they won it. Somehow, the Cardinals showed they had defense, battering Romo all night. Or maybe the Cowboys offensive line really did play that poorly.

We could go on and on and on, but the St. Louis Rams are next, coming off an upset win over the Washington Redskins. 

What will happen if the Cowboys lose this game and become 4-3? What happens of Danny White, I mean Tony Romo, throws for 300 yards yet fumbles twice and throws an interception? What if Terrell Owens has another 4 catch 35 yard game? 

I guess I didn’t instill a whole lot of hope that the Cowboys can still make the playoffs and win one.