Tony Romo Has Glib Response To Turnovers


Tony Romo has turned the ball over in eight straight games, including twice against the lowly Bungals. Everyone is concerned about it but him

"“I am pretty sure we won the ballgame,” he said when asked whether he was concerned with his turnovers. “If you never turn the ball over as a quarterback, you are probably not going to be that good. Everyone strives for no turnovers, but there’s no way you are going to make plays sometimes if you don’t trust it and just let it go.”"

You won’t be a good quarterback unless you turn the ball over? Did he really say that? It’s hard to be too critical on Romo because his touchdown/interception ratio is nearly 2:1. But his response to the questions from the press is alarming. When will one of those turnovers cost the Cowboys the game? If the defense is not getting similar turnovers, how do the Cowboys win against tougher opponents? They won’t.

The comments underneath the story are as alarming. One fan goes as far as to say Romo is as delusional as Donovan McNabb. Ouch! Here are a few of the comments:

"That’s not really a good attitude to have at this juncture. Tony looked despondent as he sat on the sideline and pouted after his two gaffes. It was noticeable that none of his teammates wanted to sit with him or come by and give him a pat on the back. Has he lost control of this team?I think this guy really needs to grab some bench for a game or two until his head pops out of his ass. With a soft schedule for the next 2 weeks, maybe he could learn something from a pro like Brad Johnson. Yeah, it sounds extreme, and some of you guys are going to flame me, but sometimes you have to get someone’s attention that way and I’d rather have a tough QB in the playoffs than this pu**y Romo, who may currently be the worst QB in the NFC East.Romo needs to be taught a lesson. Sorry, turnovers should never happen and if he doesn’t care then screw him. Put in someone else who maybe carers about his team and what his turnovers does to that team.Tony’s attitude stinks. This is not how winners think. When we’re behind he sits on the sideline and acts disconnected to the team, the coaches and the defense that’s out there working hard to get the ball back into his hands.Hey bozo…The concern is that its a TREND!..its a continuation from last years playoffs and preseason games!..fumbles and turnovers should ALWAYS be a concern when you are held to the highest standard!…Tuck the damn ball when your running for gods sake!..yea we won the game, but there has to be a concern with all the talent on this team and no knockout punch or consistency!..Again our corners play WAAAAAY of the receivers…so much for our talented corners!"

I am starting to wonder if Romo can handle the pressure and media frenzy that comes along with being the quarterback of America’s Team. Can anyone disagree with what these fans are saying? It might be positive that Romo is running into adversity now, but he really needs to take it up a notch if the Cowboys are going to do any damage in the playoffs this year. Now is the year to do it as the AFC seems to be in decline. The path to the Super Bowl runs right through New York. And the Giants look a lot better as of this week.