Top 10 Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Lost


In doing this top-10 list it becomes apparent to me that the Dallas Cowboys have the most overrated coaching staff in the NFL. Jason Garrett should be ashamed of his play calling Sunday. Dave Campo better get that secondary to play better.

10. The coaching staff is clueless

  • I cannot tell if these guys want to run a west coast offense or focus on the run. It is a complete cluster**ck. Who is really in charge of these guys?

9. Me! Me! Me!

  • Did Terrell Owens really say at the post-game press conference that he didn’t get enough looks and that when he was open the ball was already thrown to someone else? Really? Hey dipshit, we all hate losing, but your remarks were completely absurd. Don’t rewind back to your dolt days even if the Cowboys go 3-13.

8. Felix Jones didn’t touch the ball once on offense

  • Did the coaches even watch last week’s game against Green Bay? With one special carry, Felix broke the game wide open with a 60-yard run. So, who is the genius who decided not to give him the ball AT ALL? I mean, is this good coaching? The game was close throughout, whose genius idea was it to abandon the run? Wow. See reason 10.

7. Marion Barber only touched the ball eight times

  • How did this happen? How in the world did the coaches decide to only give Marion Barber the ball eight times in a close game?

6. Terence Newman was awful

  • I wonder what Terence Newman has planned for his $50 million that he won in his new contract? Do you think he is buying a lot of bling bling? I have an idea of one thing he could buy: the handbook on how to cover Santana Moss. That was pathetic. He was crushed for two big touchdowns and nearly three. Has secondary coach Dave Campo pulled up his damn pants yet?

5. 12 men on the field? Who does that anymore?

  • Please see No. 10 for more information. But seriously, who the hell has 12 men on the field anymore? That’s the sloppiest thing you can do. That’s coaching like a chicken running with its head cut off. Head coach Wade Phillips’s expression was classic, and moronic. Yes, Wade, you allowed 12 men on the field. Or maybe you didn’t do it. I had always thought that it was someone’s job on the coaching staff in the final minutes of a close game to count the players on the field during player changes. Wow. That’s football 101. What is even worse is the Cowboys only had 2 penalties all game, and this was one of them. Even when they cut down on penalties, they make big mistakes to lose the game.

4. Tony Romo makes another critical error

  • Tony Romo’s interception was bigger than the 12 men on the field penalty. And a rookie made the interception, to add salt to the wound. The Redskins secondary was crippled, and we still couldn’t find an open receiver when it counted. Romo, who has thrown an interception in every game this year, can throw all the 300-yard, 3 touchdown games he wants. But if he is going to continue to make critical mistakes at the most important moments, then he’s not as effective as people think.

3. Daniel Snyder has voodoo power

  • Who spiked Snyder’s energy drink? In the locker room after the Redskins win, his face was red and the midget owner flamboyantly screamed “If we’re physical, we win!” What a douchebag. The guy is a creep. However, it is apparent he is skilled in voodoo power. At least he doesn’t criticize referees.

2. Sam Hurd has hands of stone

  • How did Sam Hurd not catch that onside kick? And is Nick Folk really the Cowboys best player? I say yes, he is. Folk kicked a perfect onside kick and it went right into Sam Hurd’s hands, and he conveniently dropped it. Wow. If he catches it, the Cowboys need just 25 more yards with more than a minute left to win the game. And Sam Hurd drops it.

1. Note from refs: You won’t criticize us again, will you Jerry Jones? Yes, the refs were not easy on the Cowboys.

  • There were plenty of missed calls in this game and I have the game tape to prove it. Not only were receivers held all game, and pass interference calls missed all game, there were a few facemasks, a false start and several other calls missed in this game. Oh and I will watch the game tape to prove it. This was retribution for Jerry Jones’ negative comments against referee Ed Hochuli. Why Jones felt it was necessary to comment on a ref who screwed up in a game of which the Cowboys were not a part is beyond me. But I bet he won’t do it again because we now know the refs are listening, and they’ll screw you right in the ass if they want. They did.